The Institute congratulates the winners of the 2022 IOM3 Awards & Prizes as listed below. The awards were presented on Thursday 8 December 2022.

Premier Awards

Prof Robertus Boom CEng MIMMM

Bessemer Gold Medal

Prof Robertus Boom CEng MIMMM

Prof Rachel Williams

Chapman Medal

Prof Rachel Williams

Prof Judith Driscoll FREng CEng FIMMM
Alan Kirk CEng HonFIMMM

Medal for Excellence

Alan Kirk CEng HonFIMMM

Dr Han Zhang CEng CSci MIMMM
Dr Phil Bischler CEng CSci FIMMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

Dr Phil Bischler CEng CSci FIMMM

Prof Anthony Ryan OBE FRSC

Swinburne Medal

Prof Anthony Ryan OBE FRSC

Personal Achievement Awards

Award for Innovation in Defence, Safety & Security Materials
Dr Eoin O’Keefe FIMMM (Stealth Materials Senior Technical Consultant, QinetiQ Plc)

Dowding Medal & Prize
Mr Stuart Leflay (Key Expert for Aluminium, Primetals Technologies)

Frank Paine Packaging Award
Mr Iain Ferguson CEnv FIMMM (The Co-operative Group)

Gold Medal
Prof Andrew Lewis FREng FIMMM (Principal Scientist, Calla Lily Clinical Care Ltd & Director, Alchemed Bioscience Consulting Ltd)

Grunfeld Award & Medal
Dr Katerina Christofidou (Lecturer in Metallurgy, University of Sheffield)

Hadfield Medal & Prize
Dr Sara Hornby CEng FIMMM (Principal & Owner, Global Strategic Solutions)

Hancock Medal
Mr Alan Bickley CEng FIMMM FIMechE (Visiting Professor, University of Strathclyde)

Ivor Jenkins Medal
Prof Jose Manuel Torralba (Director, IMDEA Materials Institute)

John Hunt Medal
Prof Lorenz Ratke (Retired, Former Head of Department, DLR Institute of Materials Research)

Kroll Medal & Prize
Dr Julian Jones CEng FIMMM (Professor of Biomaterials, Imperial College London)

Leslie Holliday Prize
Dr Sue Halliwell (Operations Manager, Composites UK Limited)

Outstanding Contribution Award for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (NEW in 2022)
Mr Avery Cunningham GradIMMM (Director of Membership, oSTEM)

Platinum Medal
Prof Catherine M F Rae (Professor of Superalloys, Fellow & Director of Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre, University of Cambridge)

Prince Philip Award
Zotefoams plc

Robert Perrin Award
Dr Sarah-Jane Potts MIMMM (Technology Transfer Fellow, SPECIFIC, Swansea University)

Rosenhain Medal & Prize
Dr Dimitrios Papageorgiou (Lecturer in Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London)

Rowbotham Medal
Dr Robert V Dennis-Pelcher (Global Raw Material Development & Approvals Principal Scientist, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company)

Stokowiec Medal & Prize
Ms Cathy Bell (Research & Forensic Metallurgy Manager, Liberty Special Steels)

T B Marsden Professional Medal
Mr Peter Haslehurst FIMMM FIMechE FIEE (Retired, former CEO & Chairman of Luxfer PLC)

Thornton Medal
Innovating with the public (PVC 2021)
Prof Mark Miodownik MBE FREng CEng HonFIMMM (Lecturer, University College London)

Tom Bell Surface Engineering Medal
Prof Robert Wood FREng FIMMM (Professor of Surface Engineering & Tribology, University of Southampton)

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize
Dr Philip R Kirkwood (Director, Micro-Met International)

Verulam Medal & Prize
Dr Emma Claxton CEng FIMMM (Programme Manager for UltraFan Validation, Rolls-Royce)

Publication Awards

Adrian Normanton Prize
Effects of residual elements during the casting process of steel production: A critical review
Ishwar Kapoor, Claire Davis & Zushu Li

Alan Glanvill Award
Flexible piezoresistive strain sensor with high sensitivity based on carbonised waste thermosetting resin
Lei Wang, Dong Xiang, Wanqiu Zhu, Chunxia Zhao, Yuntao Li, Hongchang Han, Ping Wang & Jie Wang

Composite Award
Characterisation of tape-based carbon fibre thermoplastic discontinuous composites for energy absorption
Sachin Francis, Thomas Bru, Leif E Asp, Maciej Wysocki & Christopher Cameron

James S Walker Award
Wear of carbon black reinforced natural rubber compounds
Mr Philip Antonio Hurrell (Queen Mary University of London)

Materials World
Unintended consequences
Mr Darryn Quayle (Worley)

Mann Redmayne Medal A
Value chain excellence: Managing variability to stabilise and exploit the mine value chain
Martyn L Bloss, Geoff W Capes, Russell Seib, Liam V Alford, Jack L Light, Ilnur Minniakhmetov & Chris Nielsen

Pfeil Award
Athermal electric field effects in flash sintered zirconia
Jian Dong, Mattia Biesuz, Vincenzo M Sglavo, Milad Kermani, Xiaojia Su, Theo Saunders, Chunfeng Hu & Salvatore Grasso

2021 Vanadium Award (Retrospective)
Improvement of Strength–Ductility Balance by the Simultaneous Increase in Ferrite and Martensite Strength in Dual-Phase Steels
Elango Chandiran, Naoya Kamikawa, Yu Sato, Goro Miyamoto, and Tadashi Furuhara

Williams Award
Rapid alloy prototyping for strip steel development: DP800 steel case study
Y Zhu, C Slater, S Connolly, D Farrugia & C Davis

Awards from other bodies

Beilby Medal & Prize
Prof Sahika Inal (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology)

Charles Hatchett Award
What is the role of Nb in nickel-rich layered oxide cathodes for lithium-ion batteries?
Fengia Xin, Hui Zhou, Yanxu Zong, Mateusz Zuba, Yan Chen, Natasha A Chernova, Jianming Bai, Ben Pei, Anshika Goel, Jatinkumar Rana, Feng Wang, Ke An, Louis F J Piper, Guangwen Zhou & M Stanley Whittingham