IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2011 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below. 

Premier Awards

Ian Christmas MIMMM

Bessemer Gold Medal

Ian Christmas MIMMM

Norman Riley IEng HonFIMMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

Norman Riley IEng HonFIMMM

Professor Serena Best CEng FIMMM
Prof John Monhemius CEng FIMMM

Futers Gold Medal

Prof John Monhemius CEng FIMMM

Prof Allan Matthews CEng FIMMM
Professor David Hayhurst FREng FIMMM

Griffith Medal & Prize

Professor David Hayhurst FREng FIMMM

Prof Paul O'Brien CEng FIMMM

Colin Humphreys Education Award

Prof Paul O'Brien CEng FIMMM

Dr John Ashton FIMMM

Medal for Excellence

Dr John Ashton FIMMM

Prof Tony Cheetham FRS FIMMM
Biocompatibles UK Ltd

Prince Philip Award

Biocompatibles UK Ltd

Dr Finn Giuliani

Silver Medal

Dr Finn Giuliani

Personal Achievement Awards

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize
Timothy Williams CEng FIMMM

Colwyn Medal
Dr Richard Spontak

Dowding Medal & Prize
Hugo Uijtdebroeks

Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Award
Joseph Lee ProfGrad 

Grunfeld (Dr Paul Grunfeld) Memorial Award & Medal
Joseph Robson CEng MIMMM

Hadfield Medal & Prize
Ian Craig

R T Holland Award
Keith Morton

Holliday Prize
Prof Robert Young FREng FIMMM

Hume Rothery Prize
Prof Fredrik Glasser FRSE FIMMM

Jenkins Award
Dr John Liddle MIMMM

Kroll Medal & Prize
Prof Serena Best CEng FIMMM

T B Marsden Award Professional Award
Dr David Price CEng MIMMM

Outstanding Contribution Awards
Tony Brewis FIMMM
Dr Graham Smith FIMMM
Prof David Taplin CEng FRSA FIMMM 

Rosenhain Medal & Prize
Dr Mary Ryan

Rowbotham Medal
Dr Valentina Cerato

Thomas Medal & Prize
Dr Stuart Millman FIMMM

Thornton Medal (incorporating the Clerk Maxwell Award)
Dr Kerry Kirwan CEng MIMMM

Verulam Medal & Prize
Prof Jon Binner CEng FIMMM

Harvey Flower Titanium Prize 2010 (Retrospective)
Adrian Walker

Publication Awards

Alan Glanvill Award
Evaluation of replication properties on moulded surface by ultrasonic injection moulding system
A Sato, H Sakaguchi, H Ito & K Koyama

Guy Bengough Award
Localised corrosion of heat treated alloys' Parts 1 and 2
G Tormoen, N Sridhar & A Anderko

Billiton Gold Medal
Nickel, copper and cobalt distributions and equilibria in Anglo Platinum furnace slags
L Andrews & P C Pistorius

Composite Award
Unidirectional composite in mechanical fatigue: Modelling debond growth from fibre breaks
A Pupurs & J Varna

Douglas Hay Award
Monitoring open stope caving at Goldex Mine
M R Hudyma, P Frenette & I Leslie

Mann Redmayne Award
Identifying gold losses through application of SIMS technology
N Chapman, K Prince, P Evans, F Radke, P Hayward & N Lester

Pfeil Award
Potential for carbon dioxide reduction from cement industry through increased use of industrial pozzolans
M Tyrer, C R Cheeseman, R Greaves, P A Claisse, E Ganjian, M Kay & J Churchman-Davies

James S Walker Award
Investigations into the Microstructure of Silica-Filled Rubbers
Lewis Tunnicliffe

Wardell Armstrong Prize
Assessing the potential involvement of an early magma staging chamber in the generation of the Platreef Ni–Cu–PGE deposit in the northern limb of the Bushveld Complex: a pilot study of the Lower Zone Complex at Zwartfontein
I McDonald, D Holwell & D Wesley

Vanadium Award 2010 (Retrospective)
Vanadium Additions in New Ultra High Strength and Ductility Steels
Scott Colin & Cugy Philippe

Awards from other bodies

Beilby Medal & Prize
Dr S Jayasinghe

Charles Hatchett Award
Recystallisation and Strain Accumulation Behaviours of High Nb-bearing Line Pipe Steel in Plate and Strip Rolling
C.L. Miao, C.J. Shang, G.D. Zhang & S.V. Subramanian