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Whether you're looking for like-minded individuals in your technical field, support in your career or networking with local members, our communities will make you welcome.

IOM3 through its evolution over 150 years has brought together a wide range of disciplines and  communities. 

With specialisms covering the breadth of interest sectors, from mining to nanotechnology, biomaterials to packaging and more. If you're looking for networking in your specialist subject area, check out our Technical Communities.

For networking locally in your area, our affiliated local societies organise events around the UK and we also have some international societies overseas. So if you are looking to join a local group, visit our Local Societies page.

We also have a number of groups within IOM3 focussed on supporting members in specific ways - providing networks for people in the early stages of their career and for minority groups within our profession.

Whatever your experience, background or needs, we have a community where you will be made welcome.



Our communities 

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