Tom Colclough Medal & Prize

In recognition of contribution to microstructure, mechanical properties, fabricability or in-service performance, production or engineering in the iron and steel industry.

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize

The Tom Colclough Medal & Prize is presented in recognition of learned contribution to understanding microstructure, mechanical properties, fabricability or in-service performance, production or engineering in the iron and steel industry.

The winner will receive a medal and £300.00

Award judging

Nominations for the Tom Colcough Medal & Prize are judged by the Iron & Steel Society.

Past winners

2021 Matt Green CEng MIMMM, 2019 A Dunsmore, 2018 N A McPherson, 2017 N Baddoo, 2016 A Bannister, 2015 D Crowther, 2014 D Porter, 2013 N Cooper, 2012 S Brett, 2011 T Williams, 2010 Prof T Neville Baker, 2009 P E Reynolds, 2008 S E Webster, 2006 F Faries, 2004 M Gleave, 2002 Prof J H Beynon, 2000 J G Simpson, 1998 P E J Flewitt, 1997 J W Campbell, 1996 G Walker, 1995 Dr B M Armstrong, 1994 Dr Mike J Pettifor, 1993 J H Ball, 1992 H P Jost, 1991 D A Campbell & M M Bowness, 1990 G D Saul, 1989 J W Cudby, 1988 T Tait, 1986 G T Brown, 1984 J R Blank, 1982 P Nilles, 1981 V T Morgan, 1980 D S Calvert, 1979 A N Whiting, 1978 A D Busby, 1977 G Heynert, 1976 V Giedroyc, 1975 E Davies, 1973 C Sturdy, 1972 H Wiegel, 1971 I M D Halliday, 1970 W H Jenkins, 1969 H W Meyer, 1968 E M Summers, 1967 B Trentini, 1966 T Dennison, 1965 J A Kilby, 1964 J McCracken, 1963 R W Evans


About Dr T P Colclough CBE

Dr T P Colclough CBE, an outstanding figure in the British iron and steel industry, dies at his home in Buckinghampsire on 22 September 1961, aged 5.

Tom Peach Colclough was educated at the University of Manchester, where he specialised in organic chemistry and was awarded the degree of MScin 1906. He enetered the steel industry in 1916, when he took up the appointment of chief chemist at the Brown-Firth Research Laboratories under the late Dr Hatfield. Two years later he was awarded an Associateship and a Mappin Medal in Metallurgy at the University of Sheffield, and in 1920 he graduated in metallurgy. The degrees of DSc of Manchester University and MMet of Sheffield were awarded to him in 1937, and in 1959 he was awarded the degree of DMet by Sheffield University.

He joined the Park Gale Iron and Steel Company Ltd in 1920, and during the following nine years held the positions of chief chemist, chief metallurgist, open-health manager, and technical officer. His next appointment was as technical director to H A Brasset and Company Ltd, a position which he held until 1942. During this time he took part in the development and building of several steel plants, including the Corby works of Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd, and the Ebbw Vale wors of Richard Thomas and Baldwins Ltd.

Dr Colclough studied iron-ore and coal mining and iron and steel manufacture in the USA and in most of the countries in Europe; he visited China in 1936 and New Zealand in 1939 to report on the establishment of national adviser to the Hermann works in Germany and Austria and the Turkisj steelworks at Karabuk. During the Second World War he was appointed technical adviser to the Iron and Steel Control, Ministry of Supply. From 1945 to 1949 he was technical adviser to the Control Commission in Germany, and in 1947 he was awarded the CBE for his services to the Ministry. He became technical adviser and consultant, and later chief technical adviser to the British Iton and Steel Federation, assisting in the preparation of its development programmes and he was member of the Technical Advisory Panel of the Iron and Steel Board.

A man of truly international vistion, he served as technical adviser to the ISCON project at Durgapur and was a member of the Royal Commission on the steel industry of Southern Rhodesia. In recent years he led BISF missions to the USSR, Poland and Yugoslavia.

Dr Colclough was elected a member of The Iron and Steel Institute in 1921. He represented the Institute on the Council of the British Iron and Steel Research Association from 1949 to 1952. He was a member of the Ironmaking Panels of the Association from 1949 to 1952, and later chairman of the Steelmaking Panel.

In 1954 Dr Colclough was awarded the Bessemer Gold Medal for his dinstinguished contribution to the development, in theory and practice, of the manufacture of iron and steel. He was elected an Honorary Vice-President of the Institute in May 1961.