IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2014 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below. 

Premier Awards

Dr Hiroshi Tomono

Bessemer Gold Medal

Dr Hiroshi Tomono

David Seath CEng FIMMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

David Seath CEng FIMMM

Prof Roger Feneley

Chapman Medal

Prof Roger Feneley

Dr Geoffrey Cowley CEng FIMMM

Medal for Excellence

Dr Geoffrey Cowley CEng FIMMM

Kenneth Severs CEng FIMMM

Futers Gold Medal

Kenneth Severs CEng FIMMM

Prof Andrew Sherry, The Dalton Nuclear Institute
Prof Norman Fleck FRS FREng FIMMM

Griffith Medal & Prize

Prof Norman Fleck FRS FREng FIMMM

James Michael Rickard CEng FIMMM

Institute's International Medal

James Michael Rickard CEng FIMMM

Paul O'Brien FRS CEng FIMMM
Dr Ben Britton

Silver Medal

Dr Ben Britton

Awards for Personal Achievement

Small Local Society of the Year (Small)
West of England Metals and Materials Association (WEMMA)

Large Local Society of the Year (Large)
South Wales Materials Association (SWMA)

Frank Fitzgerald Medal and Travel Grant
Dr Sinan Al Bermani

Hancock Medal
Dr Ranjit Matthan FIMMM

Leslie Holliday Prize
Prof Anthony Kelly CBE FRS FREng FIMMM

Hume Rothery Prize
Prof André V da Costa e Silva

Institute’s Technician Medal (New for 2014)
Stannas Bellaby EngTech TIMMM

Ivor Jenkins Medal

John Hunt Medal (New for 2014)
Professor Rohit Trivedi

Kroll Medal & Prize
Dr Vasant Kumar CEng FIMMM

Roy T Holland Medal
Stuart Bridge CSci FIMMM

Sir Colin Humphreys Education Award (Joint)
Professor Phil Withers CEng FIMMM FREng
Lorna Harratt-Jones

T B Marsden Professional Medal
Dr Irene Turner FIMMM

Outstanding Contribution Award
Dr Robert Quarshie

Rosenhain Medal & Prize
Dr Natalie Stingelin FRSC

Thomas Medal & Prize
Christopher McDonald FIMMM CEng FIChemE

Verulam Medal & Prize
Prof Andrew Bell CEng FIMMM

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize
Prof David Porter MIMMM

Dowding Medal & Prize
Andrew Bainbridge

Hadfield Medal & Prize
Louis Brimacombe

Stokowiec Medal & Prize
Prof Par Jonsson

2013 Harvey Flower Titanium Prize (Retrospective)
Prof Par Jonsson

Awards for Published Work

James S Walker Award
Polymer Hydride Nanocomposites for Hydrogen Storage Applications
Anna Ploszjaski

Adrian Normanton Award
Removal of hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur from tool steel during vacuum degassing
K Steneholm, M Andersson, A Tilliander & P G Jönsson

Alan Glanvill Award
Properties, morphology and structure of BPDA/PPD/ODA polyimide fibres
S B Huang, Z Y Jiang, X Y Ma, X P Qiu, Y F Men, L X Gao & M X Ding

Guy Bengough Award 
Stress corrosion cracking of Ru doped 304 stainless steel in high temperature water
F Scenini, K Govender, S Lyon & A Sherry

Billiton Gold Medal 
Influence of alumina on physical properties of an industrial zinc-copper smelting slag. Part 1 - Viscosity
S Mostaghel, T Matsushita, C Samuelsson, B Bjorkman & S Seetharaman
Influence of alumina on physical properties of an industrial zinc-copper smelting slag. Part 2 – apparent density, surface tension and effective thermal diffusivity
S Mostaghel, T Matsushita, C Samuelsson, B Bjorkman & A Seetharaman
Influence of alumina on physical properties of an industrial zinc-copper smelting slag. Part 3 – melting behaviour
S Mostaghel, T Matsushita, C Samuelsson, B Bjorkman & S Seetharaman

Composite Award
On crystallisation and fracture toughness of poly(phenylene sulphide) under tape placement conditions
W J B Grouve, G Vanden Poel, LL Warnet & R Akkerman

Cook/Ablett Award
Design of 10%Cr martensitic steels for improved creep resistance in power plant applications
U A Sachadel, P F Morris & P D Clarke

Douglas Hay Medal
Modelling fracturing, disturbed and interaction zones around fully confined detonation charges
I Onederra, A Catalan, G Chitombo

Mann Redmayne Medal
Transactions C: J Extracting ore texture information using image analysis
J Zhang & N Subasinghe
Transactions B: The benefits of mine scale three-dimensional structural modelling at Macraes Gold Mine, Central Otago, New Zealand: a case study
A Daniels & J Mascini
Transactions A: Algorithmic integration of geological uncertainty in pushback designs for complex multiprocess open pit mines
R Goodfellow & R Dimitrakopoulos

Materials World Medal
Microbe Miners
Guy Richards 

Pfeil Award
Photocatalytic water disinfection on oxide semiconductors: Part 1‐basic concepts of TiO2 photocatalysis
T Bak, J Nowotny, N J Sucher & E D Wachsman

2013 Vanadium Award 2013 (Retrospective)
Effect of vanadium addition on the creep resistance of 18Cr9Ni3CuNbN austenitic stainless heat resistant steel
Dae-Bum Park, Moo-Young Huh, Woo-Sang Jung, Jin-Yoo Suh, Jae-Hyeok Shim & Seung-Cheol Lee

Wardell Armstrong Prize
Early Neoproterozoic rare metal (Sn, Ta, W) and gold metallogeny of the Central Africa Region: A review
W L Pohl, M Biryabarema & B Lehmann

Williams Award
Liquid metal experiments with swirling flow submerged entry nozzle
T Wondrak, S Eckert, V Galindo, G Gerbeth, F Stefani, K Timmel, A J Peyton, W Yin & S Riaz

Awards from other bodies

Beilby Medal & Prize 
Prof Javier Pérez-Ramírez

Charles Hatchett Award
Precipitation of Nb in ferrite after austenite conditioning: Parts I&II
 A Iza-Mendia, M A Altuna, B Pereda & I Gutiérrez