Alan Glanvill Award

For published work of particular merit in the field of polymers.

Alan Glanvill Award

The Award is presented for published work of particular merit in the field of polymers. 

The work must be published in an IOM3 journal.

The winner will receive a certificate and £450.00

Award judges

The Alan Glanvill Award is judged by the Polymer Society Board.

Past winners

Highly stretchable and sensitive strain sensors using nano-graphene coated natural rubber
S Tadakaluru, T Kumpika, E Kantarak, W Sroila, A Panthawan, P Sanmuangmoon, W Thongsuwan & P Singjai

Evaluation of commercial Mg(OH)2, Al(OH)3 and TiO2 as antimicrobial additives in thermoplastic elastomers 
M Pittol, D Tomacheski, D N Simões, V Ferreira, R R Marlene & C Santana

Three-dimensional finite element method simulation study of fusion screw geometry
P. Kubik, M. Zatloukal, J. Vlcek & T. Womer

Effect of processing temperature on structure and properties of microinjection moulded thermoplastic polyurethane/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
D. Li, T. Zhai, Q. Gong, G. Fei, H. Xia

Pyrolytic carbon: factors controlling in-rubber performance
C. J. Norris, M. Hale and M. Bennett

Properties, morphology and structure of BPDA/PPD/ODA polyimide fibres
Huang, S B; Jiang, Z Y; Ma, X Y; Qiu, X P; Men, Y F; Gao, L X; Ding, M X. 

Characterisation and analysis of microchannels and submicrometre surface roughness of injection moulded microfluidic systems using optical metrology
Tosello, G; Marinello, F; N Hansen, H 

Preparation, structure, performance, industrialisation and application of advanced rubber / clay nano-composites based on latex compounding method
Dr L.Q. Zhang et al for their paper

Evaluation of replication properties on moulded surface by ultrasonic injection moulding system
A Sato, H Sakaguchi, H Ito and K Koyama

Macro- and microdispersion of carbon black in liquid silicone rubbers
H Le, S Ilisch, H Radusch and H Steinberger

New technology for thermal processing of poly (vinyl alcohol)
N Chen (Sichuan University), L Li and Q Wang

Industrial applications of gas assisted injection moulding: numerical prediction and experimental trials
A Polynkin, J F T Pittman and J Sienz

Microstructure and kinematic aspects of blown film extrusion process: II. Numerical modelling and prediction of LLDPE and LDPE
L K Hendrichsen, A J McHugh, S S Cherukupalli and A A Ogale

Mesoscale modelling of processing rubber-toughened acrylic polymers
Dr K Porfyrakis and Dr H E Assender

Effect of process variables on melt velocity profiles in extrusion process using single screw plastics extruder
R Rasid and A K Wood


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