IOM3 Events Calendar

IOM3 organises a range of events that are ideal opportunities for networking as well as finding out the latest state of the art, updating your technical knowledge, or broadening your materials interests.  

Most of our events offer discounts for IOM3 members, but please note that you will only see member tickets if you are logged in and have no outstanding fees. Member-only events are shown with a padlock by the title.

Find events specific to your interests using our filters for topics, materials, sectors and region. Most of our events are currently online and so are indicated as 'Worldwide'.


Programmes of events and evening lectures are also organised by our Affiliated Local Societies. Please visit their pages to find out what your local organisation has on offer. Find my local society


Decoupling material inputs and growth – Plastics & Packaging

Developing strategies to achieve Zero Waste

Structural Integrity Series - Recent Developments in Additive Manufacturing

An overview of how 4D printing can be used to create complex geometries in high temperature alloys and ceramics on a nanoscale.

  • Free
  • An INFORM webinar

An Introduction to Cyber Security and Penetration Testing

An Introduction to Cyber Security and Penetration Testing from Ruptura InfoSecurity

  • Free

CSci in a Day

Mentoring workshop to support IOM3 members with the requisite experience to achieve FIMMM


Nano4Health: Advances in combatting COVID-19

This webinar explores how nanomaterials are being used to combat COVID-19

  • Free

EEC Online Seminars: Energy and New Plant and Technology

Third in a series of free webinars highlighting issues to be addressed at the European Electric Steelmaking Conference in September 2021