IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2015 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below.  

Premier Awards

Prof John Beynon FREng FIMMM

Bessemer Gold Medal

Prof John Beynon FREng FIMMM

Jan Lewis CEng CEnv FIMMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

Jan Lewis CEng CEnv FIMMM

Andrew Lewis FRSC FIMMM

Chapman Medal

Andrew Lewis FRSC FIMMM

Gert Heinrich

Colwyn Medal

Gert Heinrich

Oil and Gas UK

Medal for Excellence

Oil and Gas UK

Prof Derek Fray FRS FRChem FREng FIMMM
Ivan Parkin FRSC FIMMM

Griffith Medal & Prize

Ivan Parkin FRSC FIMMM

Ron Iwaszkiewicz FIMMM

Institute's International Medal

Ron Iwaszkiewicz FIMMM

Prof Ravi SiIva FREng CEng
Avon Rubber

Prince Philip Award

Avon Rubber

Dr Matthew Cole CEng CPhys CSci MEng (Oxon) MIMMM

Personal Achievement Awards

TB Marsden Professional Award
Awarded to Peter Latham OBE FRSA FIMMM

Thornton Medal
Awarded to Jonathon Porritt CBE

Sir Colin Humphreys Education Award
Awarded to Claire Hinchcliffe

Dowding Medal and Prize
Awarded to Dr Gregor Terlinde

Grunfield Memorial Award & Medal
Awarded to Dr David Armstrong

Hadfield Medal & Prize
Awarded to Dave Worsley

Hume Rothery Prize
Awarded to Joseph Robson

Ivor Jenkins Medal
Awarded to Dr Yuyuan Zhao

James S Walker Award
Awarded to Elizabeth Walton

John Hunt Medal
Awarded to Wilfried Kurz

Kroll Medal & Prize
Awraded to Dr Suzanna G Fries

Leslie Holliday Prize
Awarded to Derek Hull FIMMM FRS FEng

Local Society of the Year Award (Large) 

Local Society of the Year Award (Small)
Ebbw Vale Metallurgical & Historical Society (EVMHS)

Outstanding Contribution Awards
Awarded to Barry Lye CEng CSci FIMMM
Awarded to Keith Purcell FIMMM
Awarded to John Robert (Bob) Moon

Roy T Holland Award
Awarded to Dr Denis Brosnan

Institute’s Technician Medal
Awarded to Karl Brown EngTech TIMMM

Thomas Medal & Prize
Awarded to Dr Andrew Howe FIMMM

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize
Awarded to David Crowther CEng

Verulam Medal and Prize
Awarded to Professor Bala Vaidhyanathan

Publication Awards

Adrian Normanton Award
Effect of surface roughness of MgO substrate on size distribution of inclusions
Y. S. Lee, S.-M. Jung and D.-J. Min

Alan Glanvill Award
Pyrolytic carbon: factors controlling in-rubber performance
C. J. Norris, M. Hale and M. Bennett

Billiton Gold Medal 
Laboratory iron ore sintering studies parts 1, 2 & 3
C. E. Loo and R. D. Dukino

Douglas Hay Medal
Mining of orebodies under shear loading Part 2 – failure modes and mechanisms
F. T. Suorineni, J. J. Mgumbwa & . K. Kaiser, D. Thibodeau 

Composite Award
Effects of stitch density and stitch thread thickness on mode II delamination properties of Vectran stitched composites
J. Herwan, A. Kondo, S. Morooka and N. Watanabe

Cook/Ablett Award
Evaluation of potential of high Si high C steel nanostructured bainite for wear and fatigue applications
T. Sourmail, F. G. Caballero, C. Garcia-Mateo, V. Smanio, C. Ziegler, M. Kuntz, R. Elvira, A. Leiro,  E. Vuorinen, and T. Teeri

Guy Bengough Award
Effect of sulphur species on anerobic corrosion of carbon steel in alakline media
N. R. Smart, A. P. Rance, P. A. H. Fennell and B. Kursten

Materials World Medal
A National Health Disservice?
Prof Roger Feneley 

Mann Redmayne Medal
Interaction between block caving and rock slope deformation kinematics as a function of cave position and orientation of discontinuities
H. M. Ahmed, E. Eberhardt & W. S. Dunbar 

Mann Redmayne Medal
Thermodynamic assessment and experimental study of sulphidation of ilmenite and chromite
S. Ahmad, M. A. Rhamdhani, M. I. Pownceby & W. J. Bruckard

Mann Redmayne Medal
Lithology and mineralisation types of the Rockliden Zn–Cu massive sulphide deposit, north-central Sweden: Implications for ore processing
F. E. Minz, J. Lasskogen, C. Wanhainen & P. Lamberg

Wardell Armstrong Prize
Drill core, structure and digital technologies
S. Bright, G. Conner, A. Turner & J. Vearncombe

Pfeil Award
Strong and chemically inert sinter crystallised glass ceramics based on Estonian oil shale ash
M. Marangoni, I. Ponsot, R. Kuusik & E. Bernardo

Vanadium Award 2014 (retrospective)
Impact of Vanadium Addiiton on APU X100 Steel
Shahrooz Nafisi, Muhammad Arafin, Robert Glodowski, Laurie Collins & Jerzy Szpunar

Williams Award
Development & Deployment on inline multifrequency electromagnetic system to monitor steel hot transformation on runout table of hot strip mill
W Zhu, H Yang, A Luinenburg, F van den Berg, S Dickinson, W Yin & A J Peyton

Awards from other bodies

Beilby Medal & Prize
Awarded to Professor Javier Pérez-Ramírez

Charles Hatchett Award
Development of High Chromium Ferritic Steels Strengthened by Intermetallic Phases
B Kuhn, M Talik, L Niewolak, J Zurek, H Hattendorf, P Ennis, W Quadakkers, T Beck & L Singheiser