James S Walker Award

For a student project on the subject of polymers.

James S Walker Award

The award is presented to a student for an already examined project on the subject of polymers.

The winner receives a certificate and £450.00

Award judging

The award is judged by the IOM3 Polymer Leadership Team.

Past winners

Advanced Polymer Nanocomposites for Potential Sensing Applications
Ciaran Duffy (Queen’s University Belfast)

Biodegradable and Water Resistant Poly(vinyl) Alcohol (PVA)/Starch (ST)/Glycerol (GL)/Halloysite Nanotube (HNT) Nanocomposite Films for Sustainable Food Packaging
Zainab Waheed Abdullah & Yu Dong

Wear of carbon black reinforced natural rubber compounds
Mr Philip Antonio Hurrell (Queen Mary University of London)

Potential Route to Re-processable Natural Rubber via Disulfide – Metathesis reaction
Mr Mohammed Deera

2001 - 2020
2020 Yijun Lim, 2019 Eleanor Howland, 2018 Tabitha Jones, 2017 Katherine Danks, 2016 Anna Constantinou, 2015 Elizabeth Walton, 2014 Anna Ploszjaski, 2013 Maria Nelson, 2012 Samuel Halliday, 2011 Lewis Tunnicliffe, 2010 Jennifer Brown, 2009 Jennifer Tilley, 2008 R McCool, P J Martin & E Harkin-Jones, 2007 (joint) Angela Dawson & J Dai et al, 2006 W Tan, R McCool, K Y Tshai & Menary, 2005 E Onyshchenko, 2004 H Altpeper, 2002 R Spares, 2001 L Johnson

1995 - 2000
2000 A Arkhireyva, 1998 A Chrysostomou, 1997 C H Lloyd, S N Scrimgeour, J A Chudek, G Hunter & R L Mackay, 1995 G Korkakas, C M Gomez & C B Bucknall