Joining IOM3

Who can join IOM3?

Anyone can become a member of IOM3 – you don’t have to have an academic qualification in materials, minerals or mining. Affiliate membership is open to anyone who would like to take advantage of our information resources, networking opportunities or online services. We have Student membership for current students and we recognise those with experience and qualifications with appropriate professional grades, from Technician to Fellow.

Use our Grade Finder tool to find the level of membership that is right for you

Visit our Types of Membership page to find out about our various membership grades, any associated requirements and how to apply.

What types of membership does IOM3 offer?

Our types/grades of membership range from Student for those starting out on their career, through Technician, to Member and Fellow, for senior members with an established reputation in materials, minerals and mining technology. We also offer Affiliate membership for anyone interested in materials, minerals or mining science and technology – you do not need any formal qualifications.

Use our Grade Finder tool to find the level of membership that is right for you

Visit our Types of Membership page to find out about our various membership grades, any associated requirements and how to apply.

What are the benefits of membership?

Benefits of IOM3 membership include a free members’ magazine, online access to premium web content, discounts on IOM3 events, training courses and services, networking opportunities, professional development advice and a host of other benefits.

To find out in more detail about what benefits IOM3 membership offers, visit our Membership Benefits page.

Can I join instantly/online?

You can join as a student member or as an Affiliate online straight away. If you are interested in professional membership, then join as an Affiliate first so we can collect all your details and then use our membership enquiry form or email us with your CV to find out what the next steps would be for you. Use our online joining form to join now.

I used to be a member. How do I rejoin?

If your membership has lapsed within the last five years, we should still have an electronic record and can reinstate you readily, subject to confirmation of your status. Please email [email protected] or phone +44 (0)20 7451 7300.

Current members

What is my membership number?

When you log in to your website account, you will see your membership number on the Welcome page. You can also find it printed on the wrapper of your member magazine (Materials World or Clay Technology).

What is my membership grade?

To check your current grade, log in and view your details in the Member Portal aka MyIOM3.

How do I access online member benefits?

You need to log in to the website to have direct access to member benefits, including access to premium content (such as magazine articles, discounted fees for events and courses) and links to free online databases, peer-reviewed journals and other publications. If you have overdue membership fees you will not be able to access member benefits until these have been paid.

I’m trying to get a member discount for an event but I can’t see a member ticket.

You need to be logged in as a Member to access Member tickets, however you will not be able to see Member tickets if you have any outstanding payments. Discounted event registration is only available to fully paid up members. Please check your login details - if you can't remember these please use the forgotten password function.

It is also possible that duplicate accounts have been created using different email addresses. Please contact our Membership Team to check your member record.

How do I log in or get my password?

To log in to this website go to the login link. If you have forgotten your password, please request a new password and you will be sent a verification code to enter on the website and will then be able to update your password.

I've moved house / changed company - how do I update my contact details?

Please log in and make your changes on your profile using the links under My IOM3 to 'Edit profile' or 'edit my work details'.

I've stopped receiving my free magazine - how can I find out why?

Have you moved house or job? Are your contact details up to date? Log in and check the details we hold for you. To update your work address details please use "edit my work details" in the portal. You can check your magazine preferences under My Preferences.

Please note that if you have overdue membership fees, you will not receive a copy of the magazine until these have been paid.

Student members have access to the online version of Materials World. If you want to receive a printed copy, please contact [email protected] and confirm the address to which your magazine should be sent.

I’m not getting any email communications from IOM3

You should be getting regular communications from IOM3 in a Members’ newsletter as well as information relating to your membership. If you’re not receiving these please initially check your junk folder, or make sure that you have the address [email protected] in your email whitelist and/or your organisation spam filter is not stopping these emails.

Please also log in to your website account and check My Preferences where you can opt in to getting email communications and select your technical preferences, which will determine what communications we send you about IOM3 activities.

If you continue to have issues with receiving emails from us, please contact us and we will look into this in more detail.

How do I access journals?

Log in to the website using your member credentials. After logging in successfully you are shown your My IOM3 "welcome" page. In the right hand sub-menu you will see an "Access publications" link.

Navigate to that page and click the "Access journals" link in it.

You will then be taken to the Sage website in a new window where you will automatically be recognised as an IOM3 member. You should see "I have access via: Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3)" in the top right of the page. You will now be able to access journals content on that site without charge. Note you do not need to log in or register separately on the Sage site once you have gone there via the link from My IOM3.

You can also access the journals portal from the main My IOM3 page where, after scrolling down a little way, you will see this box:

Login and profile problems

I’ve forgotten my password

Please request a new password and you will be sent a verification code to use on the website and change your password.

I’m getting an error message when I request a password reset

If you see any sort of error when trying to log in please email [email protected] 

I am an IOM3 member and I have never logged in before, what do I do?

To securely access the new portal for the first time, members are required to update their password, using their email address. Visit the forgotten password page and enter your email address and you will be sent a verification code to use on the website before you update your password. 

Once you’ve reset your password you will be logged in. The first time you log in you’ll be prompted to review and update the information we have on record for you and to accept the IOM3 Code of Conduct.  

When completed you can navigate to the member homepage where you can:

  • View, download and pay current invoices (an email receipt will be issued)
  • View and download historic invoices 
  • Access online benefits and member discount codes 
  • Update personal and work details 
  • Update sector/local society/magazine interests 

I'm getting an error message when trying to log in for the first time

We may not have your up-to-date email address in our new CRM. Please confirm it by emailing us at [email protected]  

My password won't save

Please check the password strength criteria on the password reset page. If your password does not meet these criteria, it will not save.

I am getting an error entering a phone number

Please don't use hyphens when entering phone numbers.

My organisation details are wrong

You can edit your university or work details - choose a different organisation from the list or add a new one if the ones on the list don’t match. Please check the list carefully for a matching organisation so that you don't add a duplicate.
Please make sure you include address details for your organisation, including post code and country, to avoid adding bad data to our system. Incomplete data will be rejected.

I have another problem related to logging in or my profile

Please contact [email protected] or our membership team whose details are provided in the footer of the member portal pages.

Membership fees and payment

How do I pay my membership fees?

To pay any outstanding membership fees log in, then click on My IOM3 and select Invoice History to see any unpaid amounts and pay outstanding fees. Details of other methods of payment appear on your subscription notice and in payment reminders. If you are having problems with payment please contact [email protected]

How do I get a receipt for my membership subscriptions?

Having logged in, go to Invoice History to see any paid invoices. Please allow up to 10 working days after payment for your receipted invoice to appear online.

How do I claim tax relief for my membership subscriptions?

Your annual Institute membership fees and any annual fees paid through us for Registration to the Engineering Council, Science Council and/or Society for the Environment are eligible for Income Tax relief. Please Quote Ref: SAPP/T1644/22/2004/JEM

How can I get a proforma invoice for my subscription?

Should you require a proforma invoice prior to payment, please go to invoice history (member login required) to see any unpaid amounts and download a copy of the proforma invoice.

Upgrading and chartered registration

How do I upgrade my membership?

You can enquire about upgrading online and send us your documents and certificates - we will advise on the grade options open to you. Please log in and use the Membership Enquiry form to provide us with details and we will contact you about next steps.

How do I become Chartered?

First you will need to check that you meet the educational and competence requirements. To do this please read the guidelines and checklist.

Not sure? Please contact [email protected] for further advice, or phone +44 (0) 20 7451 7300.

What is meant by Registration?

The Institute holds licences to award the following professional registrations:

  • Engineering: Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng), and Engineering Technician (EngTech).
  • Environment: Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP).
  • Science: Chartered Scientist (CSci), Registered Scientist (RSci), and Registered Science Technician (RSciTech).

Can I have more than one registration?

You can subject to meeting the criteria for each, e.g. CSci, CEng and CEnv.

How can I find out which Chartered registration is relevant for me?

If you are not sure which registration is the most appropriate for you, contact the Membership Team who will advise you on your options or use our Membership Enquiry form.

I have an enquiry not covered here, how can I get in touch?

Please use our membership enquiry/upgrade form to either enquire about your current membership, an application for membership or for more details about professional registration.

Special interests & IOM3 communities

Can I register my areas of interest? How does the Institute relate to these?

The Institute has Technical Groups and Communities which act as special interest groups. These reflect the disciplines covered by IOM3. To affiliate with one or more of these groups, log in to the website, go to edit profile and then My Preferences and choose your technical subjects interests. You will then receive information about any IOM3 activities in those subject areas.

Does the Institute have local meetings?

IOM3 has a network of over 30 local societies, sometimes known as 'branches' or 'chapters'. Run by members for members, these provide networking at a local level via technical meetings, social get togethers, site visits and lecture competitions. Members are welcome to attend any meeting anywhere in the world, usually free of charge unless it involves a dinner, for example. 

Other enquiries or problems

If your query relates to membership in particular (upgrading an existing membership or applying for a new membership) please use our membership enquiry/upgrade form. If you are having a technical problem with this website please use our website issues form. For all other enquiries please use the form below, selecting the relevant IOM3 department.