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Showcasing the latest advances in technology from those working in research and manufacturing

Our INFORM webinar series has been designed to showcase innovation in materials, minerals and mining.

Do you work for an organisation that has developed a new product or service, or would like to bring your latest technological advances to the attention of our community?  Then why not consider booking an INFORM webinar with us in 2023 .

Upcoming INFORM Webinars

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INFORM Webinars On Demand 

Inform Webinar, Microscopy for Materials Research web.png 1

Microscopy for Materials Research: Batteries and Other Energy Materials

An INFORM webinar exploring advanced characterisation techniques

Inform Webinar, Best Practices web new.png 3

Best Practices & Applications of Elevated Temperature Mechanical Testing

Exploring how additively manufactured superalloy materials behave in real-world applications.

Inform Webinar, Quantification of Organic Additives in Battery Materials web new.png 2

Quantification of Organic Additives in Battery Materials

Exploring the use of thermogravimetric analysis with mass spectroscopy for carbon characterisation in Li-ion battery cathodes

Inform Webinar Plastometrex web.png

High temperature testing with HotPIP

Exploring a new technique for gathering mechanical property data at elevated temperatures

Inform Webinar, Plastics web new.png 2

Circular Economy of Plastics

Exploring NETZSCH tools to identify & analyze unknown compositions

Inform Webinar, Recycled compound web.png

Can a recycled compound be an alternative to a virgin polymer compound

As Virgin Polymer Compound is more expensive than a recycled material, is there an alternative? | INFORM on demand

The Future of Exoskeletons web new.png 3

Introducing Vector; the Future of Extensometry

Introducing Vector a step change in extensometer technology capable of replacing multiple contacting and non-contacting sensors with a single, industry specific instrument | INFORM on demand

The Future of Exoskeletons web new.png 4

The Future of Exoskeletons

The partnerships of academia, international standards and one of the world's oldest testing machine manufacturers bring you The Future of Exoskeletons | INFORM on demand

Inform Webinar, Zeiss July, Website image.png

Taking Rocks into the Cloud

Find out how Zeiss are bringing Petrography into the Digital Age |INFORM on demand


Process Engineers Delivering for Future Success

Showcasing the latest Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship created to future proof the surface engineering industry | INFORM on demand

Inform Webinar, GJE, Website image.png

Chemical Patents - Securing Protection for your Invention

Practical tips on the patent process from Gill Jennings and Every (GJE) Patent, Trademark and Design Attorneys | INFORM on demand

INFORM 900x600 website image ZEISS (002).jpg

Engineering the Future, One Nanometre at a Time

Advanced analytical microscopy for metals from Zeiss | INFORM on demand

INFORM 900x600 website image MARKFORGED (002).jpg

Rethinking Supply Chains with Additive Manufacturing

Markforged | INFORM on demand


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This recently launched promotional opportunity allows organisations to utilise the webinar format to deliver technical or educational content while also generating the opportunity to increase their profile and that of their product or service. If you would like to discuss how your organisation can use an INFORM webinar to increase brand awareness and engage with potential customers, please contact us.