Stokowiec Medal & Prize

For distinguished work on the technical, processing, manufacturing or engineering application of alloy steels.

Stokowiec Medal & Prize

The Stokowiec Medal & Prize is presented in recognition of distinguished work related to the technical, manufacturing, processing or engineering application of alloy steels, including stainless steels.

The winner will receive a medal and £300.00

Award judging

Nominations for the Stokowiec Medal & Prize are judged by the Iron & Steel Society.

Past winners

2019 M J Rawson, 2018 R Higginson, 2017 Not awarded, 2016 A Backhouse, 2015 Not awarded, 2014 P Jonsson, 2013 not awarded, 2012 P H Bateson, 2010 J Martin, 2008 Dr Nigel G Needham, 2006 P C Morgan, 2004 P H M Hart, 2002 J Beardwood, 2000 K J King, 1998 H Everson, 1997 G K Allan, 1996 P Beckley, 1995 J Wilkinson, 1994 J E Truman, 1993 S Bernhardsson, 1992 D Dulieu, 1991 I G Davies, 1990 R A E Hooper, 1989 P Brewin, 1987 D A A Reeves, 1984 K C Barraclough


About Zygmunt Stokowiec

Zygmunt Stokowiec was a member of IoM.


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