IOM3 has a leading role to play in supporting professionals in materials, minerals, mining and associated technical disciplines to become heroes of the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient society, not villains. During 2021, IOM3 wants to showcase examples of this work to help underline the importance of materials, minerals, and mining in this effort and build on the national and global momentum leading up to the Glasgow Climate Summit.

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Sustainable Future Events

Nuclear and Renewables Materials Challenges: Response to UK Government Green Industrial Revolution

This webinar will present the material challenges for Wind, Solar and Nuclear energy sectors, with an extended panel review to identify key cross over technologies and prospects to maximise cross sector opportunities within the Green Industrial Revolution.

  • Free

Life Cycle Assessment for early career researchers

An overview of LCA for materials science, it’s advantages and controversies, followed by an open discussion about participants' LCA experiences.

12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference

Current and future developments across the broad spectrum of electric arc furnace steelmaking and its associated technologies.

Hybrid: Sheffield, UK & Online

  • Course
  • 27 September–19 November 2021

PIABC Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology

The PIABC Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology is a foundation degree level course that is internationally recognised as the premier qualification in the packaging industry. 


  • Free

The Future of Professional Bodies in a NZ World: Charter for Climate Action

Join IOM3 for the online event The Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter at COP26 to explore the future of professions and climate change.

  • Free

Sustainability in Materials Engineering

Webinar to herald the launch of the IOM3-ASM partnership