IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2013 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below. 

Premier Awards

Prof Kenneth Mills

Bessemer Gold Medal

Prof Kenneth Mills

Christopher Hallas CSci FIMMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

Christopher Hallas CSci FIMMM

Dr Geoffrey Andrews

Chapman Medal

Dr Geoffrey Andrews

Philip Gray FREng HonFIMMM

Futers Gold Medal

Philip Gray FREng HonFIMMM

Luxfer PLC

Gold Medal

Luxfer PLC

Dr Robert Broomfield CEng FIMMM

Griffith Medal & Prize

Dr Robert Broomfield CEng FIMMM

Mark Rogers & Warren Dransfield-Scott

Sir Colin Humphreys Education Award

Mark Rogers & Warren Dransfield-Scott

Patrick Doig CEng MIMMM

Institute's International Medal

Patrick Doig CEng MIMMM

Sir Colin Humphreys CBE FRS FREng FIMMM
Sarah Haigh MEng DPhil

Silver Medal

Sarah Haigh MEng DPhil

Personal Achievement Awards

Local Society of the Year Award (Large)

Local Society of the Year Award (Small)
East Midlands Materials Society - EMMS

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize
EurIng Norman Cooper CEng FIMMM

Colwyn Medal 
Prof Mark Warner

Dowding Medal & Prize
Michael Clark CEng MInstMC

Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant 
Liam James Booth

Grunfeld Memorial Award & Medal
Prof Michael Preuss

Hadfield Medal & Prize 
David Howarth

Leslie Holliday Prize
Ebrahim Ghavam-Shahidi

Hume Rothery Prize
Dr Andrew Watson MIMMM

Ivor Jenkins Medal
Dr Mark Hardy CEng FIMMM

Kroll Medal & Prize
Dr Karin Hing CEng MIMMM

T B Marsden Professional Medal
Frank Wild CEng FIMMM

Outstanding Contribution Awards
Dr David Gooch CEng FIMMM 
Stuart Patrick MRSC FIMMM
Keith Barnes CSci CEnv FIMMM 

Rosenhain Medal & Prize
Prof Ian Kinloch FRSC

Rowbotham Medal 
Emeka Ikwueze CEng

Thomas Medal & Prize 
John Charles Twiselton CEng

Thornton Medal
Major Peter Norton

Verulam Medal & Prize
Prof Paolo Colombo, Ing (Italian certified engineer) FACERS FIMMM

Harvey Flower Titanium Award 2012 (Retrospective)
Professor Martin Bache CEng FIMMM CPhys

Publication Awards

Alan Glanvill Award
Characterisation and analysis of microchannels and submicrometre surface roughness of injection moulded microfluidic systems using optical metrology
G Tosello, F N Marinello & H Hansen

Guy Bengough Award
Pitting corrosion of stainless steel: measuring and modelling pit propagation in support of damage prediction for radioactive waste containers
S M Ghahari, D P Krouse, N J Laycock, T Rayment, C Padovani, T Suter, R Mokso, F Marone, M Stampanoni, M Monir & A J Davenport

Billiton Gold Medal
Kinetics of pre-reduction of manganese ore by CO Mineral
Y B Gao, H G Kim & H Y Son 

Composite Award
Compressive behaviour of nanoclay modified aerospace grade epoxy polymer
A. Jumahat, C. Soutis, F. R. Jones & A. Hodzic

Cook/Ablett Award
Constant intermittent flow of dislocations: central problems in plasticity
L. M. Brown

Douglas Hay Medal
Progress and challenges in some areas of deep mining
E.T. Brown

Mann Redmayne Medal
Shale-hosted Ni-(Cu-PGE) mineralisation: a global overview
S. M. Jowitt & R. R. Keays

Materials World Medal (Joint)
How Safe is that Nuclear Reactor
Prof George Smith
Cracking under pressure
Dr Emile S Greenhalgh

Pfeil Award
Densification and preservation of ceramic nanocrystalline character by spark plasma sintering
R. Chaim, R. Marder, C. Estourne´s & Z. Shen

James S Walker Award
Maria Nelson

Wardell Armstrong Prize
Background concentrations of gold in different rock types
K Pitcairn

Williams Award 
Review: The Butterfly Effect in Continuous Casting
P D Lee, R E Ramirez-Lopez & K C Mills et al. 

Vanadium Award 2012 (Retrospective)
Developing Bearing Steels Combining Hydrogen Resistance and Improved Hardness
Dr Blanka Angelika Szost, Dr P E J Rivera-Diaz-Del-Castillo & Erik H Vegter 

Awards from other bodies

Beilby Medal & Prize
Professor Xiangfeng Duan

Charles Hatchett Award
Strengthening Mechanisms and Their Relative Contributions to the Yield Strength of Microalloyed Steels
Prof Douglas Ivey, Junfang Lu, Olapido Omotoso, J Barry Wiskel & Hani Henein