Mann Redmayne Medal A

For the best paper published in IMM Transactions A: Mining Technology.

Mann Redmayne Medal A

(incorporating the Douglas Hay Medal)

The Mann Redmayne is presented for the best paper published in IMM Transactions A: Mining Technology.

Nominees should be members of IOM3 or AusIMM, with preference to research students or those in the early part of their industry career.

Eligible papers must be published 2 years before the award is presented.

The winner will receive a medal, certificate and £450.00.

The award is supported jointly with AusIMM.

Award judging

The award is judged by the IOM3 Mining Technology Leadership Team.

Past winners

Value chain excellence: Managing variability to stabilise and exploit the mine value chain
Martyn L Bloss, Geoff W Capes, Russell Seib, Liam V Alford, Jack L Light, Ilnur Minniakhmetov & Chris Nielsen

Not awarded

Globally optimising open pit and underground mining operations under geological uncertainty
L Montiel, R Dimitrakopoulos & K Kawahata

Estimation of dynamic load demand on a ground support scheme due to a large structurally controlled violent failure: A case study
C. Drover & E. Villaescusa 

Quantifying the benefits of simulator training for dragline operators
F. Dorey & P. F. Knights

Interaction between block caving and rock slope deformation kinematics as a function of cave position and orientation of discontinuities
H. M. Ahmed, E. Eberhardt & W. S. Dunbar

Algorithmic integration of geological uncertainty in pushback designs for complex multiprocess open pit mines
R Goodfellow & R Dimitrakopoulos

Stochastic mine design optimisation based on simulated annealing: pit limits, production schedules, multiple orebody scenarios and sensitivity analysis
F. R. Albor Consuegra & R. Dimitrakopoulos

Solid oxide membrane technology for environmentally sound production of titanium
M. Suput, R. Delucas, S. Pati, G. Ye, U. Pal & A. C. Powell IV