Platinum Medal

In recognition of outstanding contributions to materials science, technology and industry.

Platinum Medal

The Platinum Medal, and IOM3 Premier Award, is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to materials science, technology and industry.

The recipient can be an individual or an organisation.

The winner will receive a medal.

Award judging

Nominations for the Platinum Medal are judged by the IOM3 Awards Committee.

Past winners

2022 Dr Catherine M F Ray, 2021 Prof William E Lee FREng, 2019 (joint) R Young & R W Whatmore, 2018 (joint) N Alford & P J Withers, 2017 J Wood, 2016 Dame S Ion, 2015 R Silva, 2014 P O'Brien, 2013 Sir C Humphreys, 2012 J Kilner, 2011 T Cheetham, 2010 G Thompson OBE, 2009 Prof John F Knott, 2008 Prof Graham Davies, 2007 Dr S R Keown, 2006 G D S Smith, 2005 G Selman, 2004 Dr Bruce E Farmer, 2003 Prof M McLean, 2002 Prof B Cantor, 2001 Dr J W Martin, 2000 Prof P J Goodhew, 1999 Dr I L Dillamore, 1998 Prof Mark F Ashby, 1997 Prof F R N Nabarro, 1996 D R F West, 1995 B Wilshire, 1994 Dr J W Edington, 1993 Dr D A Melford, 1992 A Kelly, 1991 J M Butler, 1990 D V Atterton, 1989 R E Smallman, 1988 J Nutting, 1987 Viscount Caldecote, 1986 A A Wells, 1985 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, 1984 J W Christian, 1983 H F Oppenheimer, 1982 R B Nicholson, 1981 P Lacombe, 1980 U R Evans, 1979 J O Hitchcock, 1978 I Jenkins, 1977 A J Kennedy, 1976 Sir Peter Hirsch, 1975 C Crussard, 1974 N P Inglis, 1973 K van Horn, 1972 The Earl of Verulam, 1971 A J Murphy, 1970 C S Smithm 1969 Sir Ronald Prain, 1968 W J Kroll, 1967 N P Allen, 1966 F A Forward, 1965 A H Cottrell, 1964 Sir Geoffrey Taylor, 1963 G L Bailey, 1962 W Koster, 1961 Major C J P Ball, 1960 Robert Franklin Mehl, 1959 Leonard Bessemer Pfeil, 1958 Robert Salmon Hutton, 1957 Maurice Cook, 1956 Georges Leon Chaudron, 1955 Collin James Smithells, 1954 Leslie Aitchinson, 1953 Georg Masing, 1952 William Sidney Robinson, 1951 R W Diamond, 1950 Albert Portevin, 1949 William Hume-Rothery, 1948 Robert C Stanley, 1947 (joint) J L Houghton & Marie L V Gayler (Mrs Haughton), 1946 Lieut-Colonel Sir John Greenly, 1945 Richard Seligman, 1944 The Hon R M Preston, 1943 Harold Moore, 1942 Sir William Murray Morrison, 1941 Cecil H Desch, 1940 Paul D Merica, 1939 Sir Harold Carpenter, 1938 Sir William Bragg

About the Award

The Platinum Medal was first awarded in 1938.

The medal was designed by Mr Harold Stabler RDI and was placed at the disposal of the Council of the Institute by the Mond Nickel Company Ltd.

The medal, which is of pure platinum, is prepared a The Mond Nickel company’s precious metal refinery at Acton. On the observe the medal shows the bust of a female figure, who holds high a laurel wreathe, and around the outside is inscribed ‘Award of the Institute of Metals'. The design on the reverse symbolizes metallurgical research and consists of three intertwined links. In the top link ‘research’ is represented by a microscope, and the two lower ones represent the two directions that research may take – 'science', symbolized by a wash-bottle and filter, and 'industry', symbolized by a factory building. On the surrounding border in the inscription 'For Distinguished Services to Non-Ferrous Metallurgy'.