IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2016 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below.  

Premier Awards

Alan W Cramb

Bessemer Gold Medal

Alan W Cramb

Guy Bridges CEng MIMMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

Guy Bridges CEng MIMMM

David Farrar MInstP CPhys CSci FIMMM,
Steve Bedford CEng FIMMM

Medal for Excellence

Steve Bedford CEng FIMMM

Joannes Jacobus le Roux Cilliers FREng MBA PhD CEng FCGI FIChemE FIMMM
Prof Yiu Wing Mai AM FRS FREng FAA FTSE
Alberto Dias CGeol  CEng FGS FRGS MIMMM

Institute's International Medal

Alberto Dias CGeol CEng FGS FRGS MIMMM

Magda Titirici

Rosenhain Medal & Prize

Magda Titirici

Dr Tom Taylor Eng CEng MIMMM

Rowbotham Medal & Prize

Dr Tom Taylor Eng CEng MIMMM

Emma Hosking CEng MIMMM MSc MChem
Stuart Patrick FIMMM MRSC

Swinburne Medal

Stuart Patrick FIMMM MRSC

Personal Achievement Awards

Dowding Medal & Prize
Awarded to Pierre Montmitonnet (Paristech)

Frank Fitzgerald Award Medal & Travel Grant
Awarded to David Penney (University of Swansea)

Gold Medal
Awarded to Mark White (Jaguar Land Rover)

Hadfield Medal & Prize
Awarded to John Beeley MSc CEng FIMMM (Outukompu Stainless)

Hancock Award
Awarded to Martyn Bennett (Avon Rubber PLC)

Harvey Flower Award 2015 (Retrospective)
Awarded to Roger Owen Thomas MA(Oxon) MIMMM

Hume Rothery Award
Awarded to Nathalie Dupin (Calcul Thermodynamique)

Institute’s Technician Medal
Awarded to Rachel Long CEng MIMMM

Ivor Jenkins Medal
Awarded to John Dunkley CEng FIMMM

James S Walker Award
Awarded to Anna Constantinou (Imperial College)

John Hunt Medal
Awarded to Professor Alain Karma

Local Society of the Year Award (Large) 
Awarded to ICTa Yorks

Local Society of the Year Award (Small)
Awarded to Mining Institute of Scotland (MIS)

Leslie Holliday Prize
Awarded to Ivana Partridge (University of Bristol)

Outstanding Contribution Awards
Awarded to Mark Hull CEng FIMMM
Awarded to Martin Ansell FIMMM

Robert Perrin Award
Awarded to Colin Hindle

Roy T Holland Medal
Awarded to Mario Lombardo (retired, formerly CRH Clay Products Europe)

Sir Colin Humphreys Award
Awarded to James Perkins (St Paul’s School, Pimlico)

Stokowiec Medal
Awarded to Andrew Backhouse CEng FIMMM

Thomas Medal
Awarded to David Anderson (Tata Steel)

Thornton Medal
Awarded to Dr Gerard C J Lynch

Tom Colclough Medal
Awarded to Adam Bannister CEng MIMMM (Tata Steel)

Verulam Medal and Prize
Awarded to Dr Charles Marsden

Publication Awards

Adrian Normanton Award
Characterisation of BOS steelmaking dust and techniques for reducing zinc contamination
J Steer, C Grainger, A Griffiths, M Griffiths, T Heinrich, A Hopkins

Alan Glanvill Award
Effect of processing temperature on structure and properties of microinjection moulded thermoplastic polyurethane/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
D. Li, T. Zhai, Q. Gong, G. Fei, H. Xia 

Billiton Gold Medal 
Smelting of difficult laterite ores
Maurice Y. Solar & Sina Mostaghel 

Composite Award
Investigations into lightweight solutions for epoxy composite fire property improvement
P. Parlevliet & M. Geistbeck 

Cook/Ablett Award
Site specific control of crystallographic grain orientation through electron beam additive manufacturing
R. R. Dehoff, M. M. Kirka, W. J. Sames, H. Bilheux, A. S. Tremsin, L. E. Lowe & S. S. Babu

Douglas Hay Medal
Discrete fracture network modelling to quantify rock mass pre-conditioning at the El Teniente Mine, Chile
A. Brzovic, S. Rogers, G. Webb, J. P. Hurtado, N. Marin, P. Schachter, J. Alvarez & K. Baraona

Guy Bengough Award
Effect of thermal exposure on degradation of compressor blades in aero-jet engines
R. J. Bennett, S. W. Booth & C. M. Younes 

Mann Redmayne Medal
Quantifying the benefits of simulator training for dragline operators
F. Dorey & P. F. Knights 

Mann Redmayne Medal
Indium: key issues in assessing mineral resources and long-term supply from recycling
T. T. Werner, G. M. Mudd & S. M. Jowitt 

Mann Redmayne Medal
Rare-earth elements recovery from post-consumer hard-disc drives
S. T. Abrahami, Y. Xiao, and Y. Yang

Materials World Medal
A Quiet Revolution
Fred Starr

Pfeil Award
Electrophoretic deposition of nanostructured TiO2/alginate and TiO2-bioactive glass/alginate composite coatings on stainless steel
L. Cordero-Arias, S. Cabanas-Polo, J. Gilabert, O. M. Goudouri, E. Sanchez, S. Virtanen, A. R. Boccaccini

Vanadium Award 2015 (Retrospective)
Stress-strain behaviour of ferrite and bainite with nano-precipitation in low carbon steels
Naoya Kamaikawa, Kensuke Sato, Goro Miyamoto, Mitsuhiro Murayama, Nobuaki Sekido, Kaneaki Tsuzaki & Tadashi Furuhara

Wardell Armstrong Prize
Demystifying migmatites: introduction for field-based geologist
M. Pawley, A. Reid, R. Dutch, W. Preiss

Williams Award
Non-linear model predictive control of throughput and strip temperature for continuous annealing line
H Wu, R Speets, F Heeremans, O Ben Driss, R van Buren

Awards from other bodies

Beilby Medal & Prize (administered on a three-yearly cycle by IOM3, SCI and RSC)
Awarded to Professor Sarbajit Banerjee

Charles Hatchett Award
Grain Refinement of Al-Si Alloys by Nb-B Inoculation. Part 1: Concept Development and Effect on Binary Alloys
Grain Refinement of Al-Si alloys by Nb-B inoculation. Part 2: Application to Commercial Alloys

Dr Hari-Babu Nadendla, Dr Leandro Bolzoni & Dr Magdalena Nowak