Careers & Learning

We provide a range of resources and activities to support education, training and career development

IOM3 is committed to supporting the education, training and career development of those working or aspring to work in our sectors at all stages and levels.

We provide a range of activities and opportunities across all levels of engagement in our sector -  from supporting STEM teachers and encouraging young people to enter our profession, accrediting degree programmes and company PD schemes, dispensing travel and research grants to support young researchers, providing training courses and qualifications, promoting job vacancies and also giving support to those who need it in times of hardship.




IOM3 Training Academy

The IOM3 Training Academy provides courses and qualifications in packaging, materials and business skills. Find courses that will help you to enter a new industry and progress in your career.

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Schools outreach

Supporting teachers in STEM across the 5-19 curriculum

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Licensed Accreditation

Accrediting degree programmes and company training schemes

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IOM3 Approved

Recognising the importance of attending lectures, conferences and courses, and achieving recognised qualifications for professional development.

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Education & Outreach Trust

Funding to support initiatives which develop interest, recognise excellence and support professional development in the materials cycle

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CPD opportunities & requirements for registrants

Giving support, mentoring and opportunities for CPD at all levels of our profession

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Advertising the latest vacancies in our sector




The Member's Benevolent Trust

The MBT provides assistance to present and former IOM3 members, employees and their families in times of need. Unemployed or redundant members can seek assistance towards subscriptions, travel costs for job interviews, relocation costs and towards appropriate short course fees, where this will widen scope for re-employment.

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IOM3 Sustainable Future Awards 2023

The IOM3 Sustainable Future Awards recognised cutting edge technologies contributing to sustainability and the circular economy.

Winners announced