Technical themes

Nine technical themes form the focus of IOM3 interests and activities across the materials cycle

These nine technical themes span the full range of IOM3 technical interests and provide the basis for all activities involving members and our broader communities.

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The connection between Automation and Digital Transformation is of immense significance as it holds the potential to redefine efficiency, productivity, and overall business success.

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Transition into net-zero emission energy industry is a timely journey covering challenges not only in technical terms but also in management, social responsibility, biodiversity, risk and economical value chain.

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Diverse groups of talented specialists at the cutting edge of materials science provide valuable insights, powerful connections and meaningful impact across the healthcare field.

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As well as the need to use low carbon materials in construction, the need to minimise energy and water consumption within buildings is key to reaching our climate change targets

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Materials & manufacturing

Materials and manufacturing provide significant opportunities to make real economic, environmental and societal differences and shape societies across the globe

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Much of how we live is affected directly or indirectly by location of useful quantities of minerals in the ground, extracting them from the ground, and processing these minerals into useful solids, liquids or gases.

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Despite the growth in artificial intelligence and its ability to promote high value work, emerging technologies are still not being leveraged to their full potential in materials, mineral, and mining occupations.

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Sustainability is concerned with protecting the planet, halting climate change and promoting social development, without endangering life on Earth or leaving anyone behind. The role of people working with, and part of, the materials cycle will be pivotal in all of this.

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Sustainability drivers, mobility-as-a-service mindsets and a shift in value perception by consumers, industries, governments and investors have meant that topics like resource efficiency, vehicle life span, recycling and production efficiency have become central to our daily discussions.