Composite Award

For published work of particular merit in the field of composites.

Composite Award

The Composite Award is presented annually for published work of particular merit in the field of composites.

The winner receives a certificate and £450.00

Award judges

The Composite Award is judged by the British Composites Society Board.

Past Winners

Methods for process-related resin selection and optimisation in high-pressure resin
Mathew Rutt, Constantina (Tina) Lekakou, Paul A Smith, Alessandro Sordon, Ian Hamerton

Progressive failure analysis of carbon-fibre/epoxy composites laminates to study the effect of stitch densities under in-plane tensile loading
Prabij Joshi, Atsushi Kondo & Naoyuki Watanabe

Understanding physical changes and strength loss of Eglass fibres following exposure to elevated temperatures
P G Jenkins

Design, testing and field deployment of a composite clamp for pipeline repairs
W. S. Sum, K. H. Leong, L. P. Djukic, T. K. T. Nguyen, A. Y. L. Leong & P. J. Falzon

Investigations into lightweight solutions for epoxy composite fire property improvement
P. Parlevliet & M. Geistbeck

Effects of stitch density and stitch thread thickness on mode II delamination properties of Vectran stitched composites
J. Herwan, A. Kondo, S. Morooka and N. Watanabe

On crystallisation and fracture toughness of poly(phenylene sulphide) under tape placement conditions
Grouve, W J B; Vanden Poel, G; Warnet, L L; Akkerman, R. 

Compressive behaviour of nanoclay modified aerospace grade epoxy polymer
A. Jumahat, C. Soutis, F. R. Jones and A. Hodzic

Randomly oriented and aligned celluclose fibres reinforced with cellulose manowhiskers, prepared by electrospinning
Dr Kristina Oksman et al 

Unidirectional composite in mechanical fatigue: Modelling debond growth from fibre breaks
A Pupurs and J Varna, for their paper

Structurally stitched woven performs; experimental characterisation, geometrical modelling and EE analysis
V Koissin, J Kustermans, S V Lomov, I Verpoest, H Nakai, T Kurashiki, K Hamada, Y Momoji and M Zako

Macro- and microdispersion of carbon black in liquid silicone rubbers
H Le, S Ilisch, H Radusch and H Steinberger, for their paper 

Failure model for phenolic and polyester pultrusions under load in fire
R C Easby, C Konstantis, G La Delfa, V Urso Miano, A Elmughrabi and A G Gibson, A P Mouritz and S Feih 

Polymer nanocomposites: current understanding and issues
Q Yuan and R D K Misra

Fibre orientation structures and their effect on crack resistance of injection moulded transverse ribbed plate
Dr P J Hine, Dr R A Duckett, Dr P Caton-Rose and Professor P D Coates

Modelling residual mechanical properties of polymer composites after fire
A G Gibson, P N H Wright, and Y-S Wu, A P Mouritz, Z Mathys and C P Gardiner

Modelling effects of reinforcement deformation during manufacture on elastic properties of textiles composites
Dr J J Crookston, Dr A C Long, and Dr I A Jones 


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