T B Marsden Professional Medal

For substantial services to the Institute in the UK.

T B Marsden Professional Medal

For substantial and long term services to the Institute, profession and organisation in the UK.

The winner will receive a medal.

Award judging

The award is judged by the IOM3 Awards Committee.

Past winners

2021 -
2023 Keith V H Barnes CEnv CSci FIMMM, 2022 Peter Haslehurst FIMMM FIMechE FIEE, 2021 Melvyn G Warrender CEng FIMMM

2001 - 2020
2020 Mike Chapman, 2019 Deborah Keighley, 2018 Dr Mick J May, 2017 Gervais Sawyer, 2016 Dr Charles Marsden, 2015 Peter Latham, 2014 Dr Irene Turner, 2013 Frank Wild, 2012 Dr Phil J E Bischler, 2011 Dr David Price, 2010 Gwilym Lloyd, 2009 Austin Matthews, 2008 Dixie A Dean, 2007 Dr David Elliott, 2006 Charles Rhodes, 2005 Dr C Lea, 2004 Dr Mike A Hicks, 2003 Dr Paul McIntyre, 2001 EurIng R T Derricott

1995 - 2000
2000 Dr M L H Wise, 1999 Dr Ken A Ridal, 1998 R H Johnson, 1997 EurIng Smith, 1996 B D Gibson, 1995 B Smith

About T B Marsden

T B Marsden was the Secretary of the Institution of Metallurgists and died in office.

Prior to his joining the staff he had been in the copper industry. He took a partocular interest in encouraging young people to join the profession. He dedicated his life to the encouragement of people to be fully engaged with the profession even before he joined the Institution.

When he died it was decided to commemorate his life and work by instituting an award which would be to make an individual's outstanding contribution to the profession rather than to a paper or technical achievement as the other Institute Awards.

Nomination process

The following information is required to submit a nomination:

  • Nominee's title, full name, email address, IOM3 member grade (if applicable) and postnominals, company and position
  • Citation (500 words max) to support your nomination
  • Additional documentation (i.e. letters of support, CV, list of publications) to further support your nomination
  • Details of an external referee (only if the nominee and nominator are from the same organisation).

Please note you may save your nomination as a draft at any point during the process and complete at a later date.