IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2012 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below. 

Premier Awards

Dr Graham A Honeyman

Bessemer Gold Medal

Dr Graham A Honeyman

Stephen R Pye CEnv CSci FIMMM MISMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

Stephen R Pye CEnv CSci FIMMM MISMM

Nick Hazen

Futers Gold Medal

Nick Hazen

Prof Molly Stevens

Griffith Medal & Prize

Prof Molly Stevens

Alice Laferrere & James Smith

Colin Humphreys Education Award

Alice Laferrere & James Smith

Wulff Possart

Institute's International Medal (Formerly the Overseas Award)

Wulff Possart

Christopher Peter Hall MA (Oxon) ACIS, British Ceramic Confederation (BCC)
Prof John Kilner FIMMM FInstP FCGI CPhys CEng
Dr Michelle Moram BSc PhD
Prof Robert Young FIMMM FREng

Personal Achievement Awards

Tom Bell Surface Engineering Award
Prof David Rickerby

Local Society of the Year (Large)
ICTa North Staffordshire  (ICTa NS)

Local Society of the Year (Small)
Western Institute of Mining and Minerals (WestIMM) 

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize
Steven Brett CEng MIMMM SENM Weldi

Dowding Medal & Prize
Prof Zhongyung Fan FIMMM

Hadfield Medal & Prize
Dr J. Malcolm Gray CEng FIMMM

Hancock Award
Dr Andrew Tinker FIMMM

Leslie Holliday Prize
Professor Michael Wisnom

Hume Rothery Prize
Dr Effenberg

Kroll Medal & Prize
Prof J Coleman

T B Marsden Professional Award
Dr Philip J E Bischler CEng CSci FIMMM APMP

Outstanding Contribution Awards
Dr John David Brazier ISO BSc DSc FIWSc FICFor
David Woodbridge FIWSc

Rosenhain Medal & Prize
Professor Stephen Eichhorn

Rowbotham Medal
Steve Vanes

Stokowiec Medal & Prize
Philip Harry Bateson BSc

Thomas Medal & Prize
Douglas Anthony Jones CEng FIMMM

Thornton Medal (incorporating the Clerk Maxwell Award)
Karl-Henrik Robert

Verulam Medal & Prize
Dr Richard Todd

Harvey Flower Titanium Prize 2011 (Retrospective)
Brad Wynne

Publication Awards

Alan Glanvill Award
Preparation, structure, performance, industrialisation and application of advanced rubber / clay nano-composites based on latex compounding method
Dr L.Q. Zhang

Guy Bengough Award
Preferential weld corrosion of X65 pipeline steel in flowing brines containing carbon dioxide
Dr M J Robinson & Dr K Alawadhi

Billiton Gold Medal
Penetration behaviour of an annular gas-solid jet impinging on a liquid bath: effect of the annular cross-sectional area
Dr H.Y. Sohn et al 

Cook/Ablett Award
Deformed metals – Structure, recrystallisation and strength
Dr N Hansen & D Juul Jensen

Composite Award
Randomly oriented and aligned celluclose fibres reinforced with cellulose manowhiskers, prepared by electrospinning
Dr Kristina Oksman et al

Douglas Hay Award
Mining of oreobodies under shear loading Part 1 – case histories
Dr F.T Suorineni et al 

Mann Redmayne Award
The salt extraction process: a novel route for metal extraction Part 1 – Cr, Fe recovery from EAF slags and low grade chromite ores
Salt extraction process-novel route for metal extraction Part 3 – electrochemical behaviours of metal ions (Cr, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn) in molten (CaCl2-)NaCl-KCl salt system

Dr Xin L Ge et al

Materials World Award
The Sky's The Limit
Guy Richards

Pfeil Award
Development of magnesium phosphate cements for encapsulation of radioactive waste
A Covill, N C Hyatt, J Hill & N C Collier

James S Walker Award
Production of Type 1 and Type 2 Extruded Collagen Fibres
Samuel Halliday

Wardell Armstrong Prize
The Fortescue story – from exploration to the third largest iron ore producer in Australia
Dr John M F Clout & W G Rowley 

Williams Award
Formation of ultrafine grained ferrite during thermomechanical treatment in microalloyed steel
Dr A N Bhagat & Neelkant 

Vanadium Award 2011 (Retrospective)
Influence of V and Ti  on hot ductility of Nb containing steels of peritectic C contents
Barrie Mintz, Kevin Banks & Alison Tuling

Awards from other bodies

Charles Hatchett Award
Evaluation of Low and Medium-Carbon Nb–Microalloyed Plate Steels for Wind Tower Applications
Richard Bodnar, Todd Nelson, Dr Keith Taylor, Professor Philip Nash, Dr Sheldon Mostovoy, Dr Zhiyong Hu & Henrietta Tsosie