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An introduction to IOM3 activities and resources to support 5 to 19 education

IOM3 is committed to supporting, enthusing and inspiring the next generation of scientists, technologists and engineers.

Our activities are designed to give teachers, parents and learners access to resources that can be used to bring materials, minerals and mining engineering to life. In particular, our resources are related to the school and college science, design and technology, and engineering curricula and can be used enhance and enrich teaching from age 5 upwards.


What is Materials Science & Engineering?



What is Minerals & Mining Engineering?


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Resources for 5-11

Designed to enrich teaching and bring the subject to life as well as encourage children to think about the importance of STEM subjects to our everyday lives.

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Activities for 11-19

Our activities for 11-19 learners have been developed to engage, educate, and encourage the next generation of STEM professionals.

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Support for 11-19 teachers

Enhancing your subject knowledge in order to promote more confident teaching, with a knock on effect of learners that develop a passion for STEM.



2024 Starpack Schools competition is live!

Starpack Schools is a competition for learners aged 9 to 17 that has been designed to link to and support the school curriculum, especially Design & Technology, encourage young people to consider the important role played by packaging and materials, and promote careers in the packaging industry as exciting, challenging and rewarding.
There are four briefs: three for secondary schools and a new brief for primary schools.


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Can you help to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals?

Volunteering with young people can be incredibly rewarding and there are many opportunities for you to support schools in informing, inflencing and inspiring the materials cycle workforce of the future.

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Discover Materials

Discover Materials

An inter-University intiative sharing Materials Science and Engineering with young people, their families and teachers

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Minerals Matter

Minerals Matter

Employer-led initiative to promote careers in the mineral products sector and highlight their importance

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