Leslie Holliday Prize

In recognition of significant or technological contribution relating to composite materials.

Leslie Holliday Prize

The Leslie Holliday Prize is presented in recognition of significant or technological contribution relating to any type of composite material.

The winner will receive a certificate and £300.00

Award judging

Nominations for the Leslie Holliday Prize are judged by the British Composites Society.

Past winners

2020 A Long, 2019 R Martin, 2017 T McGrail, 2016 I Partridge, 2015 D Hull, 2014 A Kelly, 2013 E Ghavam-Shahidi, 2012 M Wisnom, 2011 R Young, 2010 Prof P Curtis, 2009 Prof James Quinn, 2008 Ken Forsdyke, 2007 Prof Paul Hogg, 2006 G Sims, 2005 Prof F R Jones, 2004 Not awarded, 2003 Prof C D Rudd, 2002 Prod F L Matthews, 2001 Prof A G Gibson, 2000 F N Cogswell, 1999 Prof B Harris, 1998 M G Bader, 1997 Dr G A Jubb, 1995 Dr J G P Binner, 1994 Dr C M Friend, 1993 Dr K E Evans, 1992 K L Scrivener, 1991 T W Clyne, 1990 V Randle, 1986 G A D Briggs, 1985 G Jeronimidis, 1984 A G Cullis.


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