Chapman Medal

For distinguished research in the field of biomedical materials.

Chapman Medal

The Chapman Medal, an IOM3 Premier Award, is presented for distinguished research in the field of biomedical materials, particularly with respect to biomaterials innovation which has produced benefits for patients and/or contributed to associated opportunities in the industry.

The winner will receive a medal.

Award judging

The Chapman Medal is judged by the Biomedical Applications Division.

Past winners

2020 A El Haj, 2019 J Fisher, 2018 S MacNeil, 2017 M Edirisinghe, 2016 D Farrar, 2015 A Lewis, 2014 R Feneley, 2013 G Andrews, 2012 N Rushton, 2011 S M Best, 2010 J Kirkpatrick, 2009 D C Smith, 2008 A Curtis, 2007 D Williams, 2006 B Tighe, 2005 M Braden, 2004 L L Hench, 2003 W Bonfield


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