Chapman Medal

For distinguished research in the field of biomedical materials.

Chapman Medal

The Chapman Medal, an IOM3 Premier Award, is presented for distinguished research in the field of biomedical materials, particularly with respect to biomaterials innovation which has produced benefits for patients and/or contributed to associated opportunities in the industry.

The winner will receive a medal.

Award judging

Nominations for the Chapman Medal are judged by the Biomedical Applications Division.

Past winners

2022 Prof Rachel Williams, 2021 Not awarded, 2020 A El Haj, 2019 J Fisher, 2018 S MacNeil, 2017 M Edirisinghe, 2016 D Farrar, 2015 A Lewis, 2014 R Feneley, 2013 Geoffrey Andrews, 2012 N Rushton, 2011 Prof Serena M Best, 2010 Prof James Kirkpatrick, 2009 Dr Dennis C Smith, 2008 Prof Adam Curtis, 2007 Prof David Williams, 2006 B Tighe, 2005 Prof M Braden, 2004 Prof Larry L Hench, 2003 Prof W Bonfield


About Professor Dennis Chapman FRS

The award celebrates the contributions of Prof Dennis Chapman FRS (1927-1999) as a scientist, for his seminal research on phosphorylcholine, and as an entrepreneur, for the founding of Biocompatibles International plc.