IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2020 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below.  It was planned to present the awards in the last quarter of 2020 but under the continuing pandemic this was unfortunately not possible and were presented virtually.

Premier Awards

Prof David Anthony Worsley, Swansea University
Prof Alicia El Haj FREng FRSB FEAMBES
Prof Manish Chhowalla

Griffith Medal & Prize

Prof Manish Chhowalla

David Collins MIMMM

Silver Medal

David Collins MIMMM

Keith Harrison CSci FIMMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

Keith Harrison CSci FIMMM

Mr John Luton

Sir Colin Humphreys Education Award

Mr John Luton

Prof John Coggan CEng FIMMM 

Medal for Excellence

Prof John Coggan CEng FIMMM 

Professor Stephen J Eichhorn CEng FIMMM
Prof Vladimir Litvinenko FIMMM

Institute's International Medal

Prof Vladimir Litvinenko FIMMM

Awards for Personal Achievement

Gold Medal
Awarded to Dr Richard P Thackray MIMMM

Colwyn Medal
Awarded to Prof Liqun Zhang

Dowding Medal & Prize
Awarded to Joseph Lee CEng MIMMM

Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant
Awarded to Dr Nathan Cooze CEng CSci MIMMM

Futers Gold Medal 
Awarded to Prof Samuel Kingman CEng FIMMM

Grunfeld Memorial Award & Medal
Awarded to Dr Edward J Pickering CEng CSci MIMMM

Hadfield Medal & Prize
Awarded to Dr David Hanlon

Harvey Flower Titanium Prize 2020 (retrospective)
Awarded to Dr Thomas B (Ben) Britton CEng CSci FIMMM

Hume-Rothery Prize
Awarded to Dr Bengt Hallstedt

Institute's Technician Medal
Awarded to Bernard Donnachie IEng FIMMM

Ivor Jenkins Medal
Awarded to Roger Lawcock CEng FIMMM

John Hunt Medal
Awarded to Prof Peter Lee FREng CEng CSci FIMMM

Kroll Medal & Prize
Awarded to Prof K L Choy FIMMM

Leslie Holliday Prize
Awarded to Dr Faye Smith CEng FIMMM

Local Society of the Year Award
MIME-Midland Institute of Mining Engineers

Outstanding Contribution Awards
Awarded to Mr George Lee CEng FIMMM

Platinum Medal
Awarded to Prof William E Lee FREng

Robert Perrin Award
Awarded to Dr Grant Gibson

Rosenhain Medal & Prize
Awarded to Dr Robert Lianqi Zhao Hoye CEng CSci FIMMM

Rowbotham Medal
Awarded to Mr John McQuilliam

Stokowiec Medal & Prize
Awarded to Mr Stephen Bastow

T B Marsden Professional Medal
Awarded to Mr Melvyn G Warrender CEng FIMMM

Thomas Medal & Prize
Awarded to Mrs Gill Thornton

Thornton Medal
Awarded to Prof Dave Worsley FIMMM

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize
Awarded to Mr Matt Green CEng MIMMM

Verulam Medal & Prize
Awarded to Prof Eduardo Saiz

Publication Awards

Adrian Normanton Award
The structure of foaming BOF-converter slag
Du Sichen, Bjorn Glaser, Johan Martinsson

Composite Award
Methods for process-related resin selection and optimisation in high-pressure resin
Mathew Rutt, Constantina (Tina) Lekakou, Paul A Smith, Alessandro Sordon, Ian Hamerton

Guy Bengough Award
On the Volta potential measured SKPFM-fundamental and practical aspects with relevance to corrosion science
Cem Örnek, Cristofer Leygraf, Jinshan Pan

James S Walker Award
In-situ 3D observation of damage development and healing in a carbon-fibre/epoxy composite
Yijun Lim

Materials World Medal
Biomaterials improve lives. Period.
Jaydeep Mandal (Aakar Innovations)

Mann Redmayne Medal C
Litho-structural controls on orogenic gold deposits within the Sandstone greenstone belt, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Implications for exploration targeting
Rhys F Davies, David I Groves, Jonathan G Standing, Allan Trench, Michael Dentith & John P Sykes

Vanadium Award 2019 (Retrospective)
Interaction of precipitation with austenite-to-ferrite phase transformation in vanadium micro-alloyed steels
Chrysoula Ioannidou, Zaloa Arechabaleta, Alfonso Navarro-López, Arjan Rijkenberg, Robert M Dalgliesh, Sebastian Kölling, Vitality Bliznuk, Catherine Pappas, Jilt Sietsma, A A van Well & S Erik Offerman

Wardell Armstrong Prize
The treatment of missing ‘not at random’ geological data for ore grade modelling
Camilla Z da Silva & Joao Felipe C L Costa

Williams Award
Monitoring of less common residual elements in scrap feeds for EAF steelmaking
Augusta Martinelli Miranda, Paulo Santos Assis, Geoffrey Alan Brooks, Muhammad Akbar Rhamdhani, Andrea Fontana, Alister King, Gerald Sanders and Gabriela Paula da Costa Moreira  

Awards from Other Bodies

Beilby Medal & Prize
Prof Jin Xuan, Loughborough University

Charles Hatchett Award
Ultrahigh-current-density Niobium Disulfide Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution
Jieun Yang, Abdul Rahman Mohmad, Yan Wang, Raymond Fullon, Xiuju Song, Fang Zhao, Ibrahim Bozkurt, Mathias Augustin, Elton J G Santos, Hyeon Suk Shin, Wenjing Zhang, Damien Voiry, Hu Young Jeong, Manish Chhowalla

Not awarded in 2020

The following were not awarded in 2020

  • Award for Innovation in Defence, Safety and Security Materials 
  • Pfeil Award
  • Prince Philip Award