IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2010 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below. 

Premier Awards

Prof Mike Sellars FIMMM

Bessemer Gold Medal

Prof Mike Sellars FIMMM

Dr Chris Corti FIMMM

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

Dr Chris Corti FIMMM

Prof James Kirkpatrick

Chapman Medal

Prof James Kirkpatrick

Dr Christopher Fleming

Futers Gold Medal

Dr Christopher Fleming

Dr Derek Allen

Gold Medal

Dr Derek Allen

Prof Robin Grimes FIMMM

Griffith Medal & Prize

Prof Robin Grimes FIMMM

Andrew Watson FIMMM

Medal for Excellence

Andrew Watson FIMMM

Prof G Thompson OBE FIMMM

Platinum Medal

Prof G Thompson OBE FIMMM

Dr Christopher Gourlay ProfGrad
Prof Ton Peijs ProfGrad

Swinburne Medal

Prof Ton Peijs ProfGrad

Personal Achievement Awards

Tom Bell Surface Engineering Award
Professor John Nicholls FIMMM

Local Society of the Year (Large) – new for 2009
Midland Institute of Mining Engineers (MIME)

Local Society of the Year (Small) – new for 2009
Scottish Plastics & Rubber Association (SPRA)

Stokowiec Medal and Prize
John Martin MIMMM

Colclough (Tom Colclough) Medal and Prize
Prof T Neville Baker FIMMM

Dowding Medal & Prize
Dr John Wadsworth

Frank Fitzgerald Medal and Travel Award
Dr Liam Way IAMMM

Hadfield Medal & Prize
Craig Priday

Holland Award
Alan Baxter FIMMM

Leslie Holliday Prize
Professor Paul Curtis FIMMM

Hume Rothery Prize
Prof Rainer Schmid-Fetzer

The Colin Humphreys' Education Awards (Joint)
Mandy Martin-Smith
Amy Preece

Jenkins Award
Prof Aldo Boccaccini FIMMM

Kroll Medal & Prize
Prof Karen Scrivener MIMMM

T B Marsden Professional Award
Gwilym Lloyd FIMMM

Rosenhain Medal & Prize
Prof Molly Stevens FIMMM

Rowbotham Medal
Dr Steven Maggs FIMMM

Thomas Medal & Prize
Haydn Chilcott

Thornton Medal (incorporating the Clerk Maxwell Award)
Dr Ludwig Schultz

Verulam Medal & Prize
Prof Michael Reece Affiliate

Harvey Flower Titanium Prize 2009 (Retrospective)
Dr David Dye FIMMM

Publication Awards

Guy Bengough Award
Effect of shot peening on high temperature oxidation behaviour of boiler steel; experimental results and simulation
R Narapaju, V B Trindade, H-J Christ & U Krupp

Billiton Gold Medal
Recovery of zinc, gallium and indium from La Oroya zinc ferrite using Na2CO3 roasting
P C Holloway & T H Etsell

Composite Award
Structurally stitched woven performs; experimental characterisation, geometrical modelling and EE analysis
V Koissin, J Kustermans, S V Lomov, I Verpoest, H Nakai, T Kurashiki, K Hamada, Y Momoji & M Zako

Cook Ablett Award 
Microstructural aspects of high temperature deformation of nanocrystalline nickel base superalloys; some open problems
H Mughrabi

Douglas Hay Award
Integrated mining, processing and waste disposal systems for reduced energy and operating costs at Xstrata Nickel’s Sudbury Operations
A S Bamber, B Klein, R C Pakalnis & M J Scoble

Mann Redmayne Award
Stochastic mine design optimisation based on simulated annealing; pit limits, production schedules, multiple orebody scenarios and sensitivity analysis
F R Albor Consuegra & R Dimitrakopoulos

Materials World Award
Barrels in the wood
Craig Durham MIMMM

Pfeil Award
Glass based stoneware as a promising route for the recycling of waste glasses
E Bernardo, L Esposito, E Rambaldi & A Tucci

James S Walker Award
Glazing in Transparent Water Soluble Films to Encapsulate Consumer Products
Jennifer Brown

Wardell Armstrong Prize
Chromite and PGE in the Logar Ophiolite Complex, Afganistan
A J Benham, P Kováč, M G Petterson, I Rojkovic, M T Styles, A G Gunn, J A McKervey & A Wasy

Williams Award
Inclusion characterisation-tool for measurement of steel cleanliness and process control
P Kaushik, H Pietel & H Yin

Vanadium Award 2009 (Retrospective)
Processes, microstructure and properties of vanadium microalloyed steels
Prof T Neville Baker

Awards from other bodies

Beilby Medal & Prize
Dr Suwan Jayasinghe

Charles Hatchett Award
A novel alloying concept for thermo-mechanical hot-rolled strip for large diameter HTS (Helical Two Step) line pipe
Sandrine Bremer, Volker Flaxa & Franz M Knoop