IOM3 congratulates the winners of the 2017 IOM3 Awards, Medals and Prizes, as listed below.  

Premier Awards

Prof John G Speer

Bessemer Gold Medal

Prof John G Speer

Prof Mohan Edirisinghe FREng
Prof Manfred Klüppel

Colwyn Medal

Prof Manfred Klüppel

Derek J Barratt CEng FIMMM ARSM
BP Exploration & Production Co. Ltd
Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM)
Prof Nicola M Pugno

Griffith Medal & Prize

Prof Nicola M Pugno

Dr Bob Agar FIMMM

Institute's International Medal

Dr Bob Agar FIMMM

Dr Barry Alan Wills BSc PhD

Medal for Excellence

Dr Barry Alan Wills BSc PhD


Platinum Medal


Dr Camille Petit

Silver Medal

Dr Camille Petit

Eur Ing Norman W Jackson CEng FIMMM FNEIMME
Dr Francisca da Silva Wheeler MBE CPhys FInstP

Sir Colin Humphreys Education Award

Dr Francisca da Silva Wheeler MBE CPhys FInstP

Personal Achievement Awards

2016 Harvey Flower Titanium Prize (Retrospective)
Professor Fionn P.E. Dunne MEngSc CEng FIMechE FREng

Dowding Medal & Prize 
Mr Michael J Steeper FIMMM

Grunfeld Memorial Award & Medal
Dr Michael R Clinch BEng FIMMM

Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant 
Dr Edward John Pickering GradIMMM 

Hadfield Medal & Prize (joint)
Mr John Beswick
Professor Jon Ferriman FIMMM

Hume Rothery Prize   
Professor Herbert Ipser

Ivor Jenkins Medal
Dr Paul Nurthen

James S Walker Award 
Katherine Danks

Kroll Medal & Prize
Professor Stephen Skinner CSci CChem FHEA FRSC FIMMM

Leslie Holliday Award
Dr Terry McGrail

Institute’s Technician Medal
Awarded to Mr Matthew Graham EngTech TIMMM

Local Society of the Year (Large)
Awarded to North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers (NEIMME)

Local Society of the Year (Small)
Awarded to Newport and District Materials Society (NDMS)

Outstanding Contribution Awards
Awarded to Mr Antony Francis CEng FIMMM ARSM
Awarded to Mr Andrew True FIMMM

Robert Perrin Award
Dr Jess Wade

Rosenhain Medal & Prize
Awarded to Dr Sarah Haigh ProfGradIMMM 

Rowbotham Medal
Awarded to Dr Nan Li ProfGradIMMM

Roy T Holland Medal & Prize 
Awarded to Mr Francis Morrall FIMMM

T B Marsden Professional Award
Awarded to Mr Gervais Sawyer FIMMM

Thomas Medal & Prize 
Dr Jose Henrique Noldin

Thornton Medal
Awarded to Dr Rachel Waugh

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize 
Ms Nancy Baddoo

Verulam Medal & Prize
Awarded to Professor Ian Reaney CEng FRMS FIMMM

Publication Awards

Adrian Normanton Award
Development and application of mould-breakout prediction system with on-line thermal map for steel continuous casting
F. He, D.-F. He, Z.-H. Deng, A.-J. Xu & N.-Y. Tian

Alan Glanvill Award
Three-dimensional finite element method simulation study of fusion screw geometry
P. Kubik, M. Zatloukal, J. Vlcek & T. Womer

Billiton Gold Medal 
Thermal decomposition behaviour and kinetics of Xinjiang siderite ore
Y.H. Luo, D.Q. Zhu, J. Pan & X.L. Zhou 

Composite Award
Design, testing and field deployment of a composite clamp for pipeline repairs
W. S. Sum, K. H. Leong, L. P. Djukic, T. K. T. Nguyen, A. Y. L. Leong & P. J. Falzon 

Cook/Ablett Award
Insights into microstructural interfaces in aerospace alloys characterised by atom probe tomography
T. L. Martin, A. Radecka, L. Sun, T. Simm, D. Dye, K. Perkins, B. Gault, M. P. Moody & P. A. J. Bagot 

Douglas Hay Medal
Three-dimensional analysis of complex anisotropic slope instability at MMG’s Century Mine
D. P. Sainsbury, B. L. Sainsbury & E. Sweeney 

Guy Bengough Award
Effect of Fe ion concentration on corrosion of carbon steel in CO2 environment
M. Rogowska, J. Gudme, A. Rubin, K. Pantleon & R. Ambat
Effect of Fe ion concentration on fatigue life of carbon steel in aqueous CO2 environment
M. Rogowska, J. Gudme, A. Rubin, K. Pantleon & R. Ambat ()

Mann Redmayne Medal
Estimation of dynamic load demand on a ground support scheme due to a large structurally controlled violent failure: A case study
C. Drover & E. Villaescusa 

Mann Redmayne Medal
Discovery, supply and demand: From Metals of Antiquity to critical metals
J. P. Sykes, J. P. Wright & A. Trench 

Mann Redmayne Medal
Dependence of flame front speed on iron ore sintering conditions
J. Zhao & C. E. Loo 

Materials World Medal
The future of steel: Time to wake up
Julian Allwood 

Materials World Medal (Highly Commended)
Building out of poverty
Alastair Marsh

Pfeil Award
Heat flux mapping of oxyacetylene flames and their use to characterise Cf-HfB2 composites
A. Paul, J. G. P. Binner, B. Vaidhyanathan, A. C. J. Heatonand & P. M. Brown 

Wardell Armstrong Prize
Coastal evolution and associated titanium sand mineralisation of Jangamo district, Inhambane Province
J. Dumouchel, F. Hees & M. P. Alvin 

Williams Award
Microalloyed steels
T. N. Baker 

Awards from other bodies

2016 Vanadium Award (Retrospective)
Vanadium microalloying for ultra-high strength steel sheet treated by hot-dip metallising
B. Hutchinson, D. Martin, O. Karlsson, F. Lindberg, H. Thoors, R. K. W. Marceau & A. S. Taylor 

Beilby Medal & Prize
Associate Professor Ken-Tye Yong

Charles Hatchett Award
Direct observation of niobium segregation to dislocations in steel
J. Takahashi, K. Kawakami, J.-I. Hamada & K. Kimura