Personal Achievement Awards

Recognition by IOM3 for personal achievement of individuals or organisations across all disciplines and career stages

IOM3 presents a range of Awards, Medals and Prizes to recognise personal achievement. The awards can be presented to individual, organisations or teams, cover a range of IOM3 disciplines and some are open to non-members as well as IOM3 Members.

List of IOM3 Personal Achievement Awards

Award for Innovation in Defence, Safety & Security Materials

For innovation in any scientific/technological field.

Bessemer Gold Medal

For outstanding services to the steel industry.

Chapman Medal

For distinguished research in the field of biomedical materials.

Colwyn Medal (Not available in 2022)

For outstanding services to the rubber industry.

Dowding Medal and Prize

For contributions to the invention, development, design or technical operation of metallurgical plant.

Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Award

To a student or early career member who has demonstrated excellence in professional development.

Frank Paine Packaging Award

For outstanding contribution to the Packaging community on a global basis.

Futers Gold Medal

For outstanding services to the international minerals industry.

Gold Medal

For significant contribution to the industrial application of materials.

Griffith Medal & Prize

For distinguished work that has made or is making a notable contribution to any branch of materials science.

Grunfeld Memorial Award & Medal

For professional contribution of significant influence on the engineering application of components made from alloys in the metallurgical industries.

Hadfield Medal & Prize

For distinguished work to metallurgical practice, process/product development, metallurgical understanding or design engineering application of steel.

Hancock Medal

For outstanding service to the rubber industry.

Harvey Flower Titanium Prize (Retrospective)

To established researchers and materials engineers in the field of titanium.

Hume-Rothery Prize

For distinguished achievements on phase relationships in metallic/non-metallic materials of metallurgical interest.

Institute's International Medal

For notable contribution to the development of the Institute internationally.

Institute's Technician Medal

In recognition of outstanding workplace contribution of a Technician or Incorporated Engineer member.

Ivor Jenkins Medal

In recognition of contributions enhancing the understanding of materials processing or component production using particulate materials.

John Hunt Medal

For outstanding contribution to the science and/or technology of casting and solidification of metals.

Kroll Medal & Prize

For contribution in the scientific understanding of materials chemistry in industrial production of inorganic materials.

Leslie Holliday Prize

In recognition of significant or technological contribution relating to composite materials.

Medal for Excellence

For conspicuous contribution to the art, science and practice of the mining industry.

Outstanding Contribution Award to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (New in 2022)

In recognition of significant contribution to and/or promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion in IOM3, and the wider materials, minerals and mining communities.

Platinum Medal

In recognition of outstanding contributions to materials science, technology and industry.

Prince Philip Award

For polymers in the service of mankind.

Robert Perrin Award

For outstanding and sustained commitment to outreach activity in Materials Science and Technology targeted at 11-19 students.

Rosenhain Medal & Prize

In recognition of distinguished achievement in any branch of materials science.

Rowbotham Medal

For outstanding contribution to the development or innovative use of materials for automotive applications.

Roy T Holland Award

In recognition of meritorious service in manufacture and technology within the traditional ceramics industry.

Silver Medal

In recognition of outstanding contribution to a field of interest within the materials, minerals and mining sector.

Sir Andrew Bryan Medal

For sustained and outstanding contributions to the Institute and its technical activities.

Sir Colin Humphreys Education Award

For contribution made to enhancing students' scientific/technological literacy.

Stokowiec Medal & Prize

For distinguished work on the technical, processing, manufacturing or engineering application of alloy steels.

Swinburne Medal

For outstanding contribution to the advancement and knowledge of science, engineering or technology of plastics.

T B Marsden Professional Medal

In recognition of services to the profession or to the Institute, its objectives and organisation over a period of not less than 20 years.

Thomas Medal & Prize

In recognition of scientific or technological contribution to the production or secondary processing of any ferrous alloy.

Thornton Medal

To a speaker invited to present at an Institute conference or other specially convened meeting.

Tom Bell Surface Engineering Medal

In recognition of excellence and outstanding contribution in surface engineering.

Tom Colclough Medal & Prize

In recognition of contribution to microstructure, mechanical properties, fabricability or in-service performance, production or engineering in the iron and steel industry.

Verulam Medal & Prize

In recognition of distinguished contributions to ceramics including refractories.