Publication Awards

For publications or groups of papers, published within Institute journals

IOM3 Publication Awards span the whole field of materials production, processing, structure, properties and applications and their inter-relationships. They cover scientific and technological aspects of the spectrum of material types including biomaterials and electronic materials. The awards are made for publications of particular merit, in the form of papers, or groups of papers, published in a relevant IOM3 journal within a two-year period preceding the year the award is presented.

A particular emphasis of the awards is to recognise and encourage the achievements of scientists and technologists in the early stages of their career in industry or in university or research organisations. Publications by more senior workers are also eligible for consideration.

List of IOM3 Publication Awards


Adrian Normanton Medal

For the best technical paper on the topic of steelmaking or casting.


Alan Glanvill Award

For published work of particular merit in the field of polymers.


Composite Award

For published work in the field of composites.


Guy Bengough Award

For a paper published by the Institute on the subject of corrosion and degradation.


James S Walker Award

For a student project on the subject of polymers.


Mann Redmayne Medal A

For the best paper published in IMM Transactions A: Mining Technology.


Mann Redmayne Medal B

For the best paper published in IMM Transactions B: Applied Earth Science.


Mann Redmayne Medal C

For the best paper published in IMM Transactions C: Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy.


Materials World Medal

For the best feature or review published during the year within the Institute's member magazines.


Pfeil Award

For published work of particular merit in the field of ceramics.


Vanadium Award (Retrospective)

For the most outstanding paper in the metallurgy and technology of vanadium and its alloys.


Williams Award

For a paper of particular merit concerned with the manufacture and use of iron and steel.