Other Awards involving IOM3

Awards from other bodies involving IOM3

The Institute supports and facilitates awards from other bodies. The selection process for these awards is administered by other organisations.

Beilby Medal & Prize

For substantial work in applied materials science, chemical engineering, energy efficiency or a related field.

2021/2022 Local Society Grants

 2021/22 Local Society grants

Local Society Grants

IOM3 Affiliated Local Societies can apply for a grant.


FEMS Awards

FEMS Awards

Institute members can submit a nomination for the following FEMS Prestigious Awards:

FEMS European Materials Medal in recognition of outstanding contributions to the fiels of Materials Science and Engineering.

FEMS Materials Science & Technology Prize to young European materials scientists or engineers in recognition of a significant contribution to a field of Materials Science and Engineering.

FEMS Materials Innovation Medal for distinguished scientists or engineeris to recognise outstanding contributions to technological development and innocation based on exceptional contributions in materials science and engineering.


Charles Hatchett Award

Charles Hatchett Award

For the best paper on the science and technology of niobium and its alloys. Sponsored by Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineracao (CBMM) and is selected by the Charles Hatchett Award International Panel. For more information visit the Charles Hatchett Award website.