Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant

To a student or early career member working in the iron and steel field who has demonstrated excellence in professional development.

Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant

The Frank Fitzgerald Medal & Travel Grant is awarded to a student or early career* member of IOM3 who is active in the field of iron and steel and has demonstrated excellence in and commitment to continuing professional development in the form of depth or breadth of technical knowledge, or in a personal contribution to promoting the profession.

Nominees need to provide:

  • a full CV
  • a statement of how you would use the travel scholarship
  • the name of a referee who would support your nomination.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.

The winner will receive a medal and a £1,500.00 travel scholarship.

Award judging

The award is judged by the IOM3 Iron & Steel Leadership Team.

Past winners

2021 -
2023 Alice J Robinson CEng MIMMM, 2022 Not awarded, 2021 Dr Nathan Cooze CEng CSci MIMMM

2005 - 2020
2020 Sarah Connolly, 2019 Hollie Cockings, 2018 A Valizadeh, 2017 E J Pickering, 2016 D Penney, 2015 Not awarded, 2014 S Al Bermani, 2013 L J Booth, 2011 J Lee, 2010 L Way, 2009 Dr Chris Gourlay, 2008 Johan van Boggelen, 2007 Iain Baillie, 2006 S J Kinsey, 2005 C McDonald


About Dr Frank Fitzgerald CBE FREng

Dr Frank Fitzgerald CBE FREng is a British industrialist and researcher who was pivotal in the development and growth of the UK steel industry from 1950 to 1990's. Fitzgerald studied Fuel Technology at the University of Sheffield, graduating with a first class honours degree and was awarded a doctorate in 1960, his PhD Thesis entitled 'Heat Transfer in Furnaces with Secondary Heating'.

From 1960-1967, while working for United Steel Cos Ltd, Fitzgerald rose to Head, Fuel and Furnace Research and then Assistant Process Research Manager, responsible for plant and metallurgical processes, mathematical modelling and physical modelling. He established a high current laboratory for the study of electric arc, resulting in technology that is utilised worldwide in electric arc steel production.

From 1967-1997 Fitzgerald worked for the British Steel Corporation, with him overseeing numerous research programmes, leading to the development of new steel grades, advances in steel types, structure, capability, form and also improvements in steel production processes. In 1972, while Head of the Corporate Advanced Process Laboratory (Now the Materials Processing Institute), Fitzgerald managed the development of the Normanton Plant. At that time, this plant was fundamental to technological developments in steel and it remains key to the UK being at the leading edge of steel and materials research.

In 1976 Fitzgerald was appointed Manager for all research at British Steel Corporation, going on to become Director, Research and Development and Managing Director, Technical, responsible for a team of over 300 researchers and scientists.

In 1981 Fitzgerald became Chairman of British Steel Corporation (Overseas Services) Limited, he joined the Board in 1986 and became Chairman of British Steel Stainless in 1989.

Fitzgerald was awarded CBE in 1989, as recognition of his services to the steel industry and the communities that it supports.

Fitzgerald was the recipient of numerous awards including the Hadfield Medal of the Iron and Steel Institute, a Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Melchett Medal, Institute of Energy, the Bessemer Gold Medal, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, the Royal Society Esso Energy Award and an Honorary Doctor of Engineering Degree, University of Sheffield.

In retirement, Fitzgerald remains an advocate fr the advancement of scientific learning, holding several academic appointments including positions at Imperial College, University of London, Ashborne Hill Management College, Queen Mary and Westfield College and NAPAG, the National Academies Policy Advisory Group. He has also held business directorships with steel related companies and chaired or been president of industry committees, including the Institute of Metals Iron and Steel Division, the Advisory Council on Research and Development, Department of Energy, the British Flame Research committee, the International Flame research Foundation, the Cleveland Scientific Institution and the Cleveland Institution of Engineers.

In 2005 the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining created the Frank Fitzgerald Medal which is presented to a member active in iron and steel who demonstrates excellence in, and commitment to, continuing professional development in the form of depth and/or breadth of technical knowledge, or in a personal contribution to promoting the profession.

Source: Materials Processing Institute

Nomination process

The following information is required to submit a nomination:

  • Nominee's title, full name, email address, IOM3 member grade (if applicable) and postnominals, company and position
  • Citation (500 words max) to support your nomination
  • Statement (500 words max) explaining how you would use the travel scholarship
  • Copy of the nominee's CV
  • Details of an external referee who would support your nomination.

Please note you may save your nomination as a draft at any point during the process and complete at a later date.

The Institute defines early career as meaning someone who is, as of 1 September 2024 (allowing for career breaks, e.g. parental leave):
1. within 10 years of the start of their first employment (or self-employment) in a materials, minerals or mining related role, or
2. within 6 years of completing their PhD (in a relevant subject), whichever is sooner
Note - the 10 years from the start of first employment would not normally include any apprenticeships (or equivalent training scheme)