Guy Bengough Award

For a paper published by the Institute on the subject of corrosion and degradation.

Guy Bengough Award

The Guy Bengough Award is presented for a paper published by the Institute that makes outstanding contribution to the subject of corrosion and degradation of all types of materials and their controls.

The winner will receive a medal, a certificate and £450.00

Award judging

Nominations for the Guy Bengough Award are judged by the Corrosion Engineering, Science & Technology editorial board.

Past winners

On the Volta potential measured SKPFM-fundamental and practical aspects with relevance to corrosion science
Cem Örnek, Cristofer Leygraf, Jinshan Pan

Characterising the early stages of crack development in environment-assisted cracking
A Turnbull

Effect of Fe ion concentration on corrosion of carbon steel in CO2 environment
M. Rogowska, J. Gudme, A. Rubin, K. Pantleon & R. Ambat 
Effect of Fe ion concentration on fatigue life of carbon steel in aqueous CO2 environment
M. Rogowska, J. Gudme, A. Rubin, K. Pantleon & R. Ambat 

Effect of thermal exposure on degradation of compressor blades in aero-jet engines
R. J. Bennett, S. W. Booth & C. M. Younes 

Effect of sulphur species on anerobic corrosion of carbon steel in alakline media
N. R. Smart, A. P. Rance, P. A. H. Fennell & B. Kursten

Stress corrosion cracking of Ru doped 304 stainless steel in high temperature water
F Scenini, K Govender, S Lyon & A Sherry, A. 2012
Influence of Pd and Ru additions on stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steels
F Scenini, K Govender, S Lyon & A Sherry

Pitting corrosion of stainless steel: Measuring and modelling pit propagation in support of damage prediction for radioactive waste containers
S M Ghahari, D P Krouse, N J Laycock, T Rayment, C Padovani, T Suter, R Mokso, F Marone, M Stampanoni, M Monir & A J Davenport

Preferential weld corrosion of X65 pipeline steel in flowing brines containing carbon dioxide
Dr M J Robinson & Dr K Alawadhi

Localised corrosion of heat treated alloys' Parts 1 and 2
G Tormoen, N Sridhar & A Anderko

Effect of shot peening on high temperature oxidation behaviour of boiler steel; experimental results and simulation
R Narapaju, V B Trindade, H-J Christ & U Krupp

Acoustic emission from pittng corrosion in stressed stainless steel plate
C Lee, J Scholey, S Worthington, P Wilcox, M Wisnom, M Friswell & B Drinkwater

Accelerated exposure tests as evaluation tool for estimating life of organic coatings on steel bridges
I T Kim & Y Itoh

Examples of mathematical modelling of long term general corrosion of structural steels in sea water
R E Melchers

Validation of localised corrosion model using real time corrosion monitoring in a chemical plant
N Sridhar, A Anderko, L T Yang, S L Grise, B J Saldanha & M H Dorsey

Anodic and cathodic models for interpreting polarisation behaviour of ceramic-coated substrates containing pre-existing breaches
L H Hihara

Holistic Model for Atmospheric Corrosion: Part 1 – Theoretical Framework for Production, Transportation and Deposition of Marine Salts
I S Cole, D A Paterson & W D Ganther

Microbially influenced corrosion on stainless steels in waste water treatment plants
Dr A Iversen 


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