Vanadium Award (Retrospective)

For the most outstanding paper in the metallurgy and technology of vanadium and its alloys.

Vanadium Award (Retrospective)

For the most outstanding paper in the metallurgy and technology of vanadium and its alloys. Sponsored and selected by the Vanadium International Technical Committee (Vanitec).

Eligible papers must have been published 2 years before the award is presented.

The winner will receive a medal.

Award judging

Nominations for the Vanadium Award are judged by an international panel appointed by Vanitec.

Past winners

Assessing the Role of Vanadium Technologies in Decarbonising Hard-to-abate Sectors and Enabling the Energy ransition
David A Santos, Manish K Dixit, Pranav Pradeep Kumar, Sarbajit Banerjee

Improvement of Strength–Ductility Balance by the Simultaneous Increase in Ferrite and Martensite Strength in Dual-Phase Steels
Elango Chandiran, Naoya Kamikawa, Yu Sato, Goro Miyamoto, and Tadashi Furuhara

Influences of Vanadium and Silicon on Case Hardness and Residual Stress of Nitrided Medium Carbon Steels
J. Klemm-Toole, M. Burnett, A. J. Clarke, J. G. Speer, & K. O. Findley

Interaction of precipitation with austenite-to-ferrite phase transformation in vanadium micro-alloyed steels
Chrysoula Ioannidou, Zaloa Arechabaleta, Alfonso Navarro-López, Arjan Rijkenberg, Robert M Dalgliesh, Sebastian Kölling, Vitality Bliznuk, Catherine Pappas, Jilt Sietsma, A A van Well & S Erik Offerman

Influence of vanadium on the hydrogen embrittlement of aluminized ultrahigh strength press hardening steel
L Cho, E J Seo, D H Sulistiyo, K R Jo, S W Kim, J K Oh, Y R Cho & B C De Cooman

Structure-properties relationship of ultra-fine grained V-microalloyed dual phase steels
C P Scott, F Fazeli, B S Amirkhiz, I Pushkareva & S Y P Allain

Vanadium microalloying for ultra-high strength steel sheet treated by hot-dip metallising
B. Hutchinson, D. Martin, O. Karlsson, F. Lindberg, H. Thoors, R. K. W. Marceau & A. S. Taylor

Stress-strain behaviour of ferrite and bainite with nano-precipitation in low carbon steels
Naoya Kamaikawa, Kensuke Sato, Goro Miyamoto, Mitsuhiro Murayama, Nobuaki Sekido, Kaneaki Tsuzaki & Tadashi Furuhara

Impact of Vanadium Addition on API X100 Steel
Shahrooz Nafisi, Muhammad Arafin, Robert Glodowski, Laurie Collins & Jerzy Szpunar

Effect of vanadium addition on the creep resistance of 18Cr9Ni3CuNbN austenitic stainless heat resistant steel
Dae-Bum Park, Moo-Young Huh, Woo-Sang Jung, Jin-Yoo Suh, Jae-Hyeok Shim, Seung-Cheol Lee

Developing Bearing Steels Combining Hydrogen Resistance and Improved Hardness
Dr Blanka Angelika Szost, Dr P E J Rivera-Diaz-Del-Castillo & Erik H Vegter

Influence of V and Ti  on hot ductility of Nb containing steels of peritectic C contents
Barrie Mintz, Kevin Banks & Alison Tuling

Vanadium Additions in New Ultra High Strength and Ductility Steels
Scott Colin & Cugy Philippe

Processes, microstructure and properties of vanadium microalloyed steels
Prof. T Neville Baker

Influence of V Precipitates on Acicular Ferrite Transformation
Dr Carlos Garcia-Mateo, Dr Francisca Garcia Caballero, Dr Carlos Garcia de Andres &Juan Cornide Arce, Carlos Capdevila Montes

Effects of Molybdenum and Vanadium Addition on Tensile and Charpy Impact Properties of AP1 X70 Linepipe Steels
Young-Min Kim, Sang Yong Shin, Hackeol Lee, Byoungchul Hwang, Sunghak Lee & Nack J. Kim

X H Wang, M Zhang, Z D Zou & S Y Qu

Kinetics of vanadium carbonitride percipitation in steel: A Computer model
P Maugis & M Gouné

Nucleation of Proeutectoid Ferrite on Complex Precipitates in Austenite
T Furuhara (Kyoto University), J Yamaguchi (Formerly Kyoto University, now Nippon Steel Corp), N Sugita (Formerly Kyoto University, now Hitachi Ltd), G Miyamoto (Formerly Kyoto University) & T Maki (Kyoto University)

Hydrogen Trapping Behaviour in Vanadium-added Steel
H Asahi, D Hirakami & S Yamasaki

Formation of acicular ferrite and influence of vanadium alloying
Professor K He & Professor D V Edmonds