Mann Redmayne Medal B

For the best paper published in IMM Transactions B: Applied Earth Science.

Mann Redmayne Medal B

The Mann Redmayne Medal is presented for the best paper published in IMM Transactions B: Applied Earth Science.

Nominees should be a members of IOM3 or AusIMM, with preference to research students or those in the early part of their industry career.

The winner will receive a medal, certificate and £450.00.

The award is supported jointly with AusIMM.

Award judging

Nominations for the Mann Redmayne B are judged by the editors of the Transactions journals.

Past winners

Not awarded

Not awarded

Not awarded

Litho-structural controls on orogenic gold deposits within the Sandstone greenstone belt, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Implications for exploration targeting
Rhys F Davies et al.

Host rock geochemistry, texture and chemical composition of magnetite in iron ore in the Neoarchaean Nyong unit in southern Cameroon
N N Chombongm, C E Suh, B Lehmann, A Vishiti, D C Ilouga, E M Shemang, B S Tantoh & A C Kedia

Discovery, supply and demand: From Metals of Antiquity to critical metals
J. P. Sykes, J. P. Wright & A. Trench

Indium: key issues in assessing mineral resources and long-term supply from recycling
T. T. Werner, G. M. Mudd & S. M. Jowitt

Lithology and mineralisation types of the Rockliden Zn–Cu massive sulphide deposit, north-central Sweden: Implications for ore processing
F. E. Minz, J. Lasskogen, C. Wanhainen & P. Lamberg

The benefits of mine scale three-dimensional structural modelling at Macraes Gold Mine, Central Otago, New Zealand: a case study
A Daniels & J Mascini

Shale-hosted Ni–(Cu–PGE) mineralisation: a global overview
S M Jowitt & R R Keays