Surface Engineering a free one day conference for teachers

Schools Affiliate Scheme
11 Sep 2017

On 14 November the Institute will be hosting the annual Schools Affiliate Scheme conference for teachers at The Boilerhouse in Grantham.  The theme for this year's event is Surface Engineering and attendees will have the chance to hear about many aspects of this exciting, multidisciplinary subject and take part in a number of hands-on workshops.

The formal proceedings of the day will start at 0930 with the keynote lecture given by David Rickerby, the Chair of our Surface Engineering Division.  The technical presentations, given by other experts in their field will cover a range of areas including coatings for wear resistance and surface modification for corrosion protection.  After the final presentation there will be an open discussion session to ask questions you may have and this discussion will continue over lunch you will have the chance to chat with the speakers further.  In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to engage with hands-on workshops looking at enamelling, brazing and paint.  The day will conclude with a session in which you will look at how you can use the things you have learnt back in the classroom and once the obligatory feedback forms have been completed the course will close at approximately 1615.

The Surface Engineering Division of IOM3 have been working closely with companies working in the sector to secure sponsorship for this event and as a result we are able to make the conference free and offer all practicing teachers a bursary of £150 towards the cost of cover or travel to make attending the event easier.

For more information or to book one of the 20 places that are available please visit the event webpage, download the registration form from this page or contact Dr Diane Aston.

Documents for download: