Activities for 11-19

Our activities for 11-19 learners have been developed to engage, educate, and encourage the next generation of STEM professionals.

Between the ages of 11 and 19 learners start to think about and develop their future career plans. 

It is vital at this stage to continue to enrich and enhance the learning experience and provide appropriate signposting so those that are interested in pursuing a career in STEM, and in particular in materials, minerals and mining.

Our hands-on activities allow learners to meet experts at various stages of their careers, their peers from other schools from around the UK and experience the material world beyond the classroom and confines of the curriculum.  These activities have been designed to support the materials, minerals and mining topics in the science, design & technology, engineering and geology curricula and to give context to content that can often be seen as flat.

As much as is practically possible, our events are free of charge to attend and in many cases, bursaries are available to allow those from disadvantages and under-represented groups to attend.  We can only do this with the support of our key stakeholders, who very kindly sponsor many of our activities for schools.

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Magic of Materials

Free three-day taster course for pupils aged 14-15 on all aspects of materials science and engineering

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Materials Matter

One day conferences for 15-17 year olds highlighting careers in materials, minerals and mining.