Support for 11-19 teachers

Enhancing your subject knowledge in order to promote more confident teaching, with a knock on effect of learners that develop a passion for STEM.

We appreciate that in order to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals it is vital that educators are equipped with the right tools to teach with confidence and enthusiam. 

We offer CPD sessions to groups of practicing and trainee teachers so that you have access to the latest technological developments relating to the curriculum.

We appreciate that school budgets are tight and that it is often difficult to be released from the classroom.  To make things easier our events for teachers are usually free and we are often able to make a contribution towards your cover and travel costs.

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Support literature

Support literature to enhance subject knowledge and enrich teaching

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Polymer Study Tours

Free two-day residential courses for Design & Technology teachers on plastics and the polymer industry

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Materials Discovery Boxes

The materials discovery boxes have been designed to bring to life the materials topics in the secondary school curriculum

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Presentations for 11-19 learners

A range of presentations on materials, minerals and mining topics to enhance classroom teaching at secondary schools.