Resources for 5-11

Designed to enrich teaching and bring the subject to life as well as encourage children to think about the importance of STEM subjects to our everyday lives.

We understand that it is vitally important to encourage children to explore the world around them and develop a sense of curiosity. 

The national Curriculum for Science in England and Wales includes topics on materials, minerals and earth science from year 1 to year 6 and our resources have been put together to bring these subjects to life.

We have a range of worksheets that you can download and use in the classroom along with suggestions of materials to help you to build your own handling collection.


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Can you make it?

Can you make it? is a series of activities designed to support the materials topics in the primary science curriculum and encourage young learners to think about the importance of STEM subject to our everyday lives.

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Crash helmets for eggs

Crash helmets for eggs is a design and build project for children aged 7 upwards.

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Materials and magnets

Resources to support topics on materials and magnets in the primary science curriculum

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Are you smart enough?

Resources to support an activity on smart materials for 7-11 learners