22 December 2023
by Sarah Morgan

Children’s mining book to inspire girls

A book to educate and inspire children about the importance and potential of the mining industry, particularly encouraging girls to explore STEM fields has been released this year.

© Ana Juarez

The book, Las Aventuras de Ana en la Mina, (Ana’s Adventure at the Mine: The Secret of la Esperanza) follows the story of Ana, a young girl whose curiosity leads her on a journey into the world of mining. It's about her discovery of the mining industry's complexities, the roles of women within it, and the environmental and societal impacts of mining.

As well as aiming to educate and inspire children and encouraging girls to explore STEM fields, it aims to transform the public narrative about mining, showing it as a field of opportunity, innovation, and community growth, rather than just extraction. 

Proceeds of the books go to women in mining Central America (non for profit) and to educate more children about minerals and mining.

The author, Ana Juárez, says, ‘The spark for Las Aventuras de Ana en la Mina ignited from a combination of personal experience and a recognised need. Growing up in Guatemala and finding my way into the mining industry, I saw firsthand the lack of representation and educational materials about mining tailored for children, especially young girls. I wanted to create a narrative that could change that, inspire the next generation, change the narrative of the industry and challenge stereotypes within the industry.’

Juárez is an environmental consultant at CTA Environmental Consultant working for the mining industry for the last 20 years. She is also founder of women in mining Central America, working with women empowerment and children mining education for the last two and a half years. 

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