Materials in the News


Materials in the News

Membership year

2006 - 2007


This collection of posters was designed to highlight materials topics in the news.  They explain concepts in simple terms and have been presented in a bright, bold format which is accessible to a wide range of students.  The themes link in with the curriculum and many of them show how the science fiction of yesteryear is the reality of tomorrow.

The posters can be used to introduce topics or spark classroom discussion.


11 A4 posters.


Only available as individual PDF files for download.


Traffic lights (PDF, 206kB)

Fuel cells (PDF, 270kB)

Self-cleaning glass (PDF, 443kB)

Ceramic antennae (PDF, 177kB)

One-sided Velcro (PDF, 3888kB)

Sunscreen (PDF, 2717kB)

Bactericidal surfaces (PDF, 38kB)

Bone grafts (PDF, 37kB)

Coated textiles (PDF, 4815kB)

Recycled plastics (PDF, 292kB)

Shop windows (PDF, 101kB)