Applications of materials


Applications of materials

Membership year

2002 - 2003


This series of brightly coloured posters features bold images representing the use of materials in a range of applications.  Each poster has bullet points giving information about the materials used in the particular application which are accessible to students from year 7 upwards.  The posters are accompanied by comprehensive notes for teachers which provide information about each area.

The featured topics are materials in aerospace, materials in power, materials in communication, materials in sport and materials in medicine.


5 A2 posters accompanied by notes for teachers


Only available to download as PDF files


Aerospace poster (PDF, 134kB)

Aerospace notes (PDF, 635kB)

Communication poster (PDF, 57kB)

Communication notes (PDF, 429kB)

Medicine poster (PDF, 64kB)

Medicine notes (PDF, 367kB)

Power poster (PDF, 88kB)

Power notes (PDF, 518kB)

Sport poster (PDF, 67kB)

Sport notes (PDF, 583kB)