IOM3 Events Calendar

IOM3 organises a range of events that are ideal opportunities for networking as well as finding out the latest state of the art, updating your technical knowledge, or broadening your materials interests.  

Most of our events offer discounts for IOM3 members, but please note that you will only see member tickets if you are logged in and have no outstanding fees. Member-only events are shown with a padlock by the title.

Find events specific to your interests using our filters for topics, materials, sectors and region. Most of our events are currently online and so are indicated as 'Worldwide'.


Programmes of events and evening lectures are also organised by our Affiliated Local Societies. Please visit their pages to find out what your local organisation has on offer. Find my local society


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Advanced Clay Quarry Managers Course

The Level 4 Advanced Geo Technical course for Clay Quarry Managers.  


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An Introduction to Oilfield Metallurgy Virtual Course

This Virtual Course will be useful for those working in engineering, production and design who manufacture or supply engineering components and it will help them to gain an improved understanding of material specification and selection for the oilfield environment.

Gas Turbine Training Course

Specialist training for those interested in materials selection, design, materials degradation, coatings, repair, operation and life extension in gas turbines.


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  • 22 March–21 May 2021

PIABC Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology

The PIABC Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology is a foundation degree level course that is internationally recognised as the premier qualification in the packaging industry. 


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Glass in Packaging

Join the students on our PIABC Level 5 Diploma course to explore the structure, properties and processing of glass for packaging applications.


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An Introduction to Fracture & Fatigue Failure Analysis

An introduction to fracture and fatigue and how these failures may be investigated. This Webinar gives some insight to the course running in May