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IOM3 organises a range of events that are ideal opportunities for networking as well as finding out the latest state of the art, updating your technical knowledge, or broadening your materials interests.  

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Programmes of events and evening lectures are also organised by our Affiliated Local Societies. Please visit their pages to find out what your local organisation has on offer. Find my local society


Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

This webinar will unpack the major packaging reform consultations and explore the material-specific opportunities and challenges.

NMA Lunchtime Seminars: Focus on Natural Materials and the Circular Economy

The next webinar in the NMA Lunchtime series.

Machine learning in metallurgy

This webinar is focused on the use of machine learning in metallurgy and its impact on industry.

Corrosion Under Insulation: How end-users handle it

This webinar will report experiences for end users in the Oil & Gas sector, especially highlighting the strategy adopted to manage this corrosion threat.

Rolls for hot rolling

Presenters from research institutes and from the roll-making and roll-using industries will present the latest advances and new challenges in rolls technology developments, from scientific as well as industrial perspectives.

NMA Lunchtime Seminars: Focus on Natural Materials in Composites

The next webinar in the NMA Lunchtime series.