20 September 2021

Reaching Net Zero: The Role of Battery Technologies

Catch up on the IOM3 Sustainable Future Week webinars. This is webinar 8 of 10.

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As part of its Sustainable Future theme to help build momentum ahead of COP26, IOM3 is hosted a week of virtual events across 6-10 September. This week showcased the vital role of professionals in materials, minerals and mining in the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient society.

The fourth day of the series focused on the energy materials/processing industries and how along with facilitating the energy transition they can/will play a crucial role in decarbonization and the route to net-zero.

Hear from a range of industrial, academic and policy experts as they explore the role of energy materials and the path towards the energy transition and how critical these industries are as vital parts of the overall strategy towards a net zero future. This session will look in more detail at:

  • complementary low carbon technologies related to the manufacture and use of energy materials
  • understanding of the role of energy materials in the drive towards low carbon technologies.
  • an opportunity to discuss with industry and research leaders the challenges in bringing these new technologies to market.

You'll hear from

  • Design and in situ monitoring of next generation battery materials
    Prof Eddie Cussen, Sheffield University
  • Underpinning the Transition to Net Zero with Innovation in UK Battery Materials
    Dr Thomas Bartlett, Innovate UK
  • Chair: Dr Gavin Harper, University of Birmingham