20 September 2021

Reaching Net Zero: The Role of Critical Raw Materials

Catch up on the IOM3 Sustainable Future Week webinars. This is webinar 4 of 10.

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As part of its Sustainable Future theme to help build momentum ahead of COP26, IOM3 hosted a week of virtual events across 6-10 September. This week showcased the vital role of professionals in materials, minerals and mining in the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient society.

The second day of the series focused on the extractive industries and how they play a crucial role in decarbonisation. This includes the role of mining, how critical raw material extraction are vital parts of the overall strategy towards a net-zero future. 

Hear from a range of industrial, academic and policy experts as they explore the role of extractive industries in reaching Net Zero. This session looks in more detail at:

  • complementary low carbon technologies related to extraction and use of materials
  • understanding the role of materials in unlocking these low carbon technologies.
  • an opportunity to discuss with industry and research leaders the challenges in bringing these new technologies to market.

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