21 June 2024

The business case for good EDI practices

A report released by The Royal Academy of Engineering highlights the business benefits of EDI in engineering

The Royal Academy of Engineering, in collaboration with Dalberg Advisors, has released a new report titled The EDI Engine: Evidencing the Business Benefits of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in Engineering. This report underscores how prioritising EDI can drive business success in engineering by attracting talent, fostering innovation, expanding market reach, and mitigating risks.

Jude Allan, Chair of the IOM3 Packaging Group and IOM3 EDI Trustee, emphasised the significance of integrating EDI into business practices: ‘This report illustrates why EDI is crucial for unlocking broader benefits for individuals and the economy. It’s not just about doing the right thing; it’s fundamental to driving future engineering solutions.’

IOM3 actively supports EDI through various member networks, including:

These groups promote equality and provide support within the materials, minerals, and mining industries. IOM3 continues to advocate for EDI initiatives that enhance diversity and inclusion across the profession.

This latest report serves as a compelling resource for companies seeking to strengthen their EDI practices, offering actionable insights and case studies to guide effective implementation.