Materials courses & qualifications

Our Materials courses cover a wide range of topics and are suitable for those just starting out in their career or simply wanting to expand their knowledge, to those wishing to undertake higher level learning. 

Our courses are available in the classroom, in your workplace, virtually or online and our tutors, who are experts from all materials sectors, will support you throughout your learning journey.  The majority of our courses last one day and are recognised for Continuing Professional Development, however, a small number are longer and lead to regulated qualifications.

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Sustainability & lean manufacturing courses

These general courses are suitable for anyone with an interest in sustainability and lean manufacturing.


Introduction to Rechargeable Batteries

Exploring rechargeable batteries & their impact across sectors where electrification is key for decarbonisation

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Planning for the Future - The Power of Hydrogen

One-day course exploring the potential power of hydrogen in industry.

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Materials Processing - The Road to Net-zero

Half-day course examining how material processors can embark on the journey to Net-zero

Design for sustainability & circular economy image

Design for Sustainability & Circular Economy

One-day course introducing the main principles for designing for sustainability and circularity

Sustainable-Design-in-Composites IMAGE

Sustainable Design for Composites

One-day course introducing the main principles for designing sustainably with composites

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Life Cycle Assessment

One-day course providing an insight into the principles of Life Cycle Assessment and how to interpret a report

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Packaging Design for the Circular Economy

Exploring the context, principles, influences & considerations of designing, specifying & selecting more circular packaging

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Lean Six Sigma

A management approach to business performance improvement that blends the individual specialisms of Lean and Six Sigma

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Metallurgy courses

Our suite of courses highlights key aspects of the application of metals and they are suitable for those in the earlier stages of their career.  They are delivered in an accessible and engaging way and are very much focussed on practical side of things.  Learners will receive a certificate of attendance for each full course, but if you attend three you will earn an IOM3 Certificate in Metallurgy in Practice.

EngMet image

Engineering Metallurgy

A one-day course exploring the basic concepts of metallurgy

Materials selection image

Introduction to Materials Selection

An introduction to the principles of materials selection for engineering applications

MechTest image

Introduction to Mechanical Testing

An introduction to the principles of testing and its importance

Fracture & fatigue failure analysis image

Fracture and Fatigue Failure Analysis

Training for those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the factors affecting failure modes and an introduction to failure analysis

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Introduction to Corrosion & Its Prevention

Focussing on the fundamentals of corrosion and how it can be prevented

Oilfield met small.jpg

Introduction to Oilfield Metallurgy

Specialist metallurgical training for those working in the oil and gas sectors

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Metals processing courses

These courses are suitable for those with some experience and are focussed on particular aspects of metals processing.

Additive manufacturing.png

Designing & Building with Additive Manufacturing

A one-day practical guide for engineers

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Practical Roll Pass Design

Short course on the classification and design of steel hot-rolled sections

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Engineering Structural Integrity Suite

Engineering structural integrity brings together the fields of materials science, structural engineering and many other disciplines to analyse whether a structure is fit for purpose.  We are delighted to be collaborating with FESI (Forum in Engineering Structural Integrity) on a number of initiatives which highlight some of the latest developments and demonstrate the importance of structural integrity.
IOM3 is pleased to be collaborating with FESI (Forum in Engineering Structural Integrity) on a number of initiatives which highlight some of the latest developments and demonstrate the importance of structural integrity.

FESI Nuclear image

Critical Structural Integrity Challenges for Nuclear Energy

Exploring the materials and structural integrity challenges facing nuclear power generation in the UK

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Critical Structural Integrity Challenges for Wind Energy in the UK

Find out more and book

FESI Lectures.jpg

Structural Integrity Lectures

A collection of standalone lectures that highlight the importance of structural integrity

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Wood technology courses & qualifications

Our wood technology training is designed to advance and encourage the scientific, technical, practical and general knowledge of timber and wood-based materials.

L2TPP 24 web

PIABC Level 2 Award in Timber and Panel Products and their Uses

A distance learning course for those new to the wood industry or wishing to broaden their knowledge.

L3WTA 24 web

PIABC Level 3 Certificate in Wood Technology and Application

A distance learning course for those that wish to develop their career in the wood industry further

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Specialist Wood Courses

Short courses on specific aspects of wood technology

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Asset Management, Maintenance & Reliability Suite

Asset management and maintenance (AMM) is fundamental to the optimal running of any engineering business.  Understanding and implementing a regular maintenance programme saves money and enables business risks to be managed.  Our courses can be taken as individual stand-alone courses, but learners attending all four will receive an IOM3 Certificate in Asset Management.

Asset management image

Fundamentals of Asset Management

Discover what asset management involves and the business benefits of an effective strategy across all phases of the asset life cycle

maintenance web.png

Maintenance Strategy Development

Develop the fundamental skills to develop an efficient and effective maintenance plan

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Reliability & Risk-Based Maintenance

Develop the tools needed to build reliability into your maintenance programme

Failure investigation.jpg

Failure Investigation & Analysis

Develop the tools and methodologies to define the problem, identify the cause and implement a solution

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Do you know that IOM3 Training Academy also runs a range of personal development courses to help you to improve those 'softer' skills that are important for career progression. Click below to find out more...    

Coaching & mentoring web image.jpg

Coaching & Mentoring

A one-day course focussing on how you can become and effective coach or mentor

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Introduction to Leadership & Management

A one-day workshop focussing on how to develop your skills

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Foundations of Performance Management

A one-day workshop designed to develop practical skills in performance management

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Understanding Finance & Risk Management

A one-day workshop to develop your understanding of basic business finance and risk management

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Project Management

An intensive one-day workshop exploring how to manage a project effectively

shutterstock1285127971 Change management image

Effective Change Management

A one-day workshop focussing on how to manage change