Minerals, Mining & Geosciences Courses

We are delighted to be working with a number of partners to develop a suite of courses to support the professional development of those working in mining, minerals and geosciences.

Our course will be suitable for those just starting out in the industry or simply wanting to expand their knowledge to those wishing to undertake higher level learning.  They will be available in a variety of formats - classroom, in your workplace, virtually or online and our tutors, who are experts in their fields, will support you throughout your learning journey.


Integrating ESG into Mineral Project Evaluation

One-day course exploring the rapidly evolving ESG field specifically for project evaluation

Contact us to discuss how we can support the development of you and your team, or if you are interested in partnering with us to deliver a course.

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Do you know that IOM3 Training Academy also runs a range of personal development courses to help you to improve those 'softer' skills that are important for career progression. Click below to find out more...   

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Lean Six Sigma

A management approach to business performance improvement that blends the individual specialisms of Lean and Six Sigma

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IOM3 Certificate in Management

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Career Acceleration

... or how to big yourself up at work! One-day course exploring how to take your career to the next level

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Workforce Sustainability

A one-day course focussing on how to develop sustainability in your workforce

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Coaching & Mentoring

A one-day course focussing on how you can become and effective coach or mentor

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Unconscious Bias and EDI Awareness

Short course exploring how we can overcome unconscious bias and embrace equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace