We are delighted to be working with Dr Katie Best, an experienced leadership coach and consultant, on the delivery of this one-day course on career acceleration which will take place in London on 05 October 2023.

Getting a job is just the first step on the career ladder.  This course will help you understand the next steps that you can take to take your career to the next level.

The course, delivered over 4 sessions, will cover:

Session 1

Gaining and Developing Power, Influence and Gravitas

  • Establishing the bases of workplace power
  • Developing your power bases to allow career enhancement
  • Finding and using your influence
Session 2

Having Successful Career Conversations

  • When to have a career conversation
  • How to prepare for a career conversation (identifying your specific sources of power and influence)
  • How to have the conversation
  • Following up based on the result of the conversation
Session 3

Harnessing Your Network

  • Establishing who’s in your network
  • The principle of loose connections
  • Establishing ‘loose touch’ relationships with people in your network
  • Harnessing your network for career benefit
Session 4

Speaking to the Boardroom (and other senior management)

  • How can you ‘own the room’ when you’re speaking to your (very) seniors?
  • Embracing gravitas, fighting off imposter syndrome and feeling a right to be there
  • Qualities of a great board presentation

This course is relevant to people at all stages of their career that are looking to learn more about how to take the next step. 


Details of our next course will be available in due course.  If you would like to register your interest in attending a future course, or discuss the on-site delivery of this course to your team, please contact us